​The news has once again been dominated this week by the brazen hypocrisy of the ​​British left

​The news has once again been dominated this week by the brazen hypocrisy of the ​​British left, who have gleefully tried to make political hay out of the hours-long parliamentary testimony of former Boris Johnson advisor Dominic Cummings – after years of trying to portray him as a dangerous and untrustworthy political extremist.

The shameful tactic was perhaps best summarised by commentator Iain Dale, who said: “Over the past three, four, five years, ever since the Brexit referendum, I think a lot of people in the media have portrayed him as some evil man who can’t be trusted with anything, particularly if you’re on the Remain side of the Brexit argument.

“And yet now, those very people are thinking, ooh Dominic Cummings, he’s wonderful because he could bring Boris Johnson down.”

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, as she​ so often does, embarrassed herself in a car crash radio interview about this bizarre U-turn in her estimation of Cummings. To say she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed would be an understatement.

​Others on Britain’s left were left embarrassed by their desperate rush to judgement over the early hours shooting of black power activist Sasha Johnson last Sunday.

Many Leave.EU supporters will be familiar with Johnson for her track record of inflammatory rhetoric – which last summer included calls for a black militia, comparisons between the police and the Ku Klux Klan, and her decision to use a vile racial epithet to dress down a black man who happened to disagree with her radical political views.

Johnson’s Taking The Initiative political party came out of the gates quickly and attempted to link the incident to her outspoken views, but local cops were quick to clarify that there was nothing to suggest she was targeted for her activism.

In the wake of the shooting, gaffe-prone Labour heavyweight Diane Abbott naturally fell for the claims of Johnson’s party, hook, line, and sinker, saying that “nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice”.

How embarrassing it must have been for her when a friend of Johnson’s explained she was likely the unintended victim of a gang-related shooting, with the Metropolitan Police subsequently pinning the blame on “four black males”. Strange triggermen for the supposed assassination of a black power activist…

Five men were eventually arrested in connection with the shooting, picked up by London cops while conducting stop and search. Maybe it’s time for the likes of Abbott and David Lammy to drop their warped opposition to the common sense policing tactic!

​Looking further afield, we’re incredibly pleased this week to see that the Federal Council of Switzerland has walked away from negotiations with the corrupt European Union after seven years of talks, refusing to sell their country down the river to Brussels bureaucrats.

The proposed deal would have seen their labour market opened up fully to the EU, potentially entitling jobless European citizens to welfare benefits. They also refused to cave in to Brussels on the supremacy of EU rules and the imposition of their undemocratic state aid restrictions.

Good for them! We’re always happy to see other countries defy the demands of the unaccountable politicians in Brussels, and we hope the recent Swiss example along with Brexit will embolden more people across the continent to stand up and resist this repulsive political project.

​The Swiss are keeping the spirit of Brexit alive on the world stage, and we’re committed to keeping the spirit of Brexit alive in the UK too. Our triumph over the political class in 2016 was a victory for the ages, and a real testament to the power of ordinary people.

We beat an unbelievably well-resourced coalition of political and cultural elites, backed by big business and global finance, who were set on keeping the United Kingdom a subservient member state of an unaccountable European project.

And we beat the elites again in 2019 when we spearheaded a major grassroots deselection campaign to cleanse the governing Conservative party of wet Europhile MPs. The likes of Dominic Grieve and Philip Hammond thought they were untouchable, but we changed the paradigm and eventually saw them booted from the parliamentary party.

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