12 Days of Solutions

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Over the last week we have been highlighting various solutions on our website in what we are calling our 12 Days of Solutions. Many of these solutions have been proposed by other organizations and legislators, but the point is that there are several ideas out there that would push us in the right direction. Washington can’t seem to get past this idea that they have to continue taking more money from the people to compensate for their irresponsibility.


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Take a look below at some of the solutions that have been posted over the last few days:

* Day 7 – Repeal Obamacare: As Washington continues the debate over how many of your taxes to raise and how little spending to cut, the Affordable Care Act continues its seemingly inevitable move towards full implementation. Even with states nullifying the law’s exchanges, other things are settling into place, including hundreds of billions of dollars in tax increases… Click to Read More

* Day 6 – Cut, Cap, and Balance: Last year’s debt ceiling debate highlighted many things broken in the Washington budget process, including Harry Reid’s infamous quote, “It can’t all be spending cuts.” Of the multiple solutions offered, “Cut, Cap & Balance” offered the most hope for fiscal restraint… Click to Read More

* Day 5 – Tax Reform: Two of the most popular forms of tax reform in today’s politics are the “Fair Tax” and “Flat tax.” Either one is better than the current tax code, yet neither is being considered by the establishment leaders in either party… Click to Read More

Go to http://www.teapartypatriots.org to see all the solutions we are proposing.

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