12 People Canceled by Left for Expressing Conservative Views

September 20 2021

Good morning from Washington, where House Democrats are trying to stop pro-life Americans from challenging the “right” to abortion on demand. Melanie Israel sounds a warning. How bad is the left’s campaign to cancel conservatives? Doug Blair gives a dozen examples. On the podcast, Cuba watcher John Suarez has the latest on Cubans’ resistance to the communist regime. Plus: President Biden allows the border mess to fester; the fight for independence in Georgia; and your letters on vaccine mandates. On this date in 1973, Billie Jean King, 29, beats Bobby Riggs, 55, former top-ranked player and self-professed male chauvinist, in a nationally televised “Battle of the Sexes” at the Houston Astrodome.

12 People Canceled by the Left After Expressing Conservative Views
By Douglas Blair
With more and more people being “canceled” by the left, it’s important to remember those folks who have lost their livelihoods to cancel culture.
More Radical Than Roe: House Abortion Bill Would Repeal Existing Laws, Prohibit Future Pro-Life Laws
By Melanie Israel
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional allies have characterized the Women’s Health Protection Act as simply “codifying Roe v. Wade.” That’s an egregious mischaracterization.
Biden Administration Whistles Past the Border as Crisis Worsens
By Jarrett Stepman
Will the president’s patience ever wear thin regarding the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our border every month, most of whom are unvaccinated?
Whatever Happened to Those Pro-Democracy Protests in Cuba?
By Virginia Allen
Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in July to protest the country’s communist government. Many of the individuals who led the protests are now in prison, says John Suarez of Center for a Free Cuba.
Democrats ‘Want People to Be Dependent on Government,’ Georgia Governor Says
By Fred Lucas
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says his state remains strong economically because he opened it up for business more quickly than most other states.
We Hear You: Vaccine Mandates and Power Grabs
By Ken McIntyre
“Why vaccine mandates only for employers with 100 or more employees? Either the vaccine is needed or not,” reader Jennifer Murphy writes.
ICYMI: The Death of Science
By Victor Davis Hanson
We are now returning to our version of medieval alchemy and astrology in rejecting a millennium of the scientific method. Take the superstitions that now surround COVID-19.