Counter Productive Hanging


The death of Saddam Hussein is unlikely to have the beneficial effect that such a drastic step should have. It has become one more example of failure since the US/UK decision to invade Iraq.

Invasion of any sovereign country that does not pose a direct and immediate threat is a decision that no military power should contemplate lightly. As more information creeps into the public domain, it is becoming clear that the US already had some solid intelligence, even if that may not have been shared with any other country. On that intelligence the US DOD planned for a blitz krieg using relatively light forces, vindicated by the very rapid military campaign that followed the invasion. It was a high risk strategy and British troops suffered from a lack of adequate equipment, that resulted in the unnecessary loss of British lives, but the initial military phase was still a great success.

The publicly released intelligence, notably the British ‘dodgy dossier’, was intended for public consumption to justify an act of aggression. We may not know for some time just how cynical that information release was and it is possible that Bush and Blair allowed themselves to believe what they wanted to hear.

A British Prime Minister should have privately been questioning of the US President before fully committing British troops to a foreign adventure. It appears that this never happened, Blair blindly following Bush without any regard for British interest or international relations.

The first real operational failure was the total lack of any plan to secure the defeated country and avoid a descent into anarchy and civil war.

The US and British Governments failed to learn from the lessons of 1945 when order in Germany was created by allocating adequate troops as occupying forces, with a clear directive and rules of engagement with the German population, that included the employment of Nazi officials and police to impose the will of the occupying forces.

Not only had a careful and detailed plan of occupation been drawn up, but a plan was also prepared to deal with the major and middle ranking Nazis through a series of show trials that operated under something approaching an impartial judiciary. There was also a well provisioned plan in place to hunt down key figures who had not been caught as troops advanced into Germany.

The occupation of Germany in 1945 was not flawless but it did provide a staged transition that was eventually to establish a partitioned country that was able to move progressively towards some normality without widespread civil disorder.

Some Allied politicians did not fully agree with the process and Churchill, as the British war leader, would have preferred rapid summary execution of Nazi leaders to deny them any prospect of propaganda opportunities.

The invasion of Iraq left a vacuum for many weeks during which time policing was provided soley by soldiers untrained for the task and vast munitions and arms dumps were left completely unguarded. That allowed terrorists to enter Iraq through porous borders and for the emerging factions to arm themselves with weapons left unguarded by the occupying forces.

Having allowed Iraq to begin slipping into violent civil war and partition by Iraqi factions, the occupiers were slow to capture Saddam Hussein and then even slower to bring him to trial and conviction.

Unlike the War Crimes Trials of 1945, Saddam was held by US Forces but tried by a government dominated by Shia elements, making it a trial of a Sunni by Shias. If that was not in itself a recipe for a partisan trial, the US occupiers intervened in the process, with judges being replaced and with defence lawyers being killed. That provided the platform for Saddam Hussein to perform on television and present an image that has resonated with some Iraqis and with Arabs in neighbouring countries.

The manner of the execution has added to the failure by allowing Saddam Hussein to meet his end with some dignity and composure that will win for him supporters who might otherwise have been less disposed to him.

In death, a blood-stained tyrant is coming to look more like a martyr who may be buried in what will become a shrine, further deepening divisions between Sunni and Shia. The worst possible outcome.

If anything, civil war is likely to intensify, US and British casualties increase, requiring either the injection of considerably more occupation forces, or a premature and humiliating withdrawl, as was the result for the US in Vietnam.

The legacy of the Bush/Blair invasion is that Britain faces a greatly increased terrorist threat, political fault lines are increasing between the US and the UK, Iraq is burning, and the region moves ever closer to a dangerously widening conflict that could develop into nuclear war.


A Christmas Message – Citizens 1, Thought Police 0


A famous victory has been won for those who believe in any of the major religions practiced in the UK. Wyre Borough Council has been humiliated, and the Lancashire Thought Police ( originally a general police service, Lancashire Constabulary ) is forced to re-write its rule book.

Right or wrong, the established major religions, practiced in the United Kingdom and around the world, consider homosexuality wrong and teach against it. That places the millions of faith followers in the UK in a very difficult position because the Blair regime has made the promotion of homosexuality a central plank in its policies, leaving believers with the stark choice of either ignoring part of their beliefs to comply with Thought Police requirements, or standing against the forces of national socialism.

Not an easy choice but, as one German cleric discovered under the German national socialists in the 1930s, a failure to stand up for decency and your beliefs early on can mean that when, eventually, you are forced to make a stand there is no one left to stand with you.

Two unlikely heroes are Joe and Helen Roberts who incurred the wrath of the Thought Police because they objected to the promotion of homosexuality by Wyre Borough Council at local taxpayer expense.

In Britain, someone shot by a gunman may have to wait for a bored solitary policeman to turn up two or three hours after the attack and then advise that the police can do nothing. Unbelievably, the Robert’s letter to their local Council was rapidly followed by the arrival of two Thought Policemen who grilled them in their own home for 80 minutes and threatened them with dire consequences for their ‘homophobia’

The Roberts stood their ground and brought an action against Wyre Borough Council and the Lancashire Thought Police.

The result has been an agreement to pay the Roberts GB£10,000 and offer them a grovelling appology.

The Roberts have said that they will donate the compensation to charity as soon as they receive the cheque. So this will be an extra Christmas present for one or more charities.

This has been a victory for two honest citizens who have stood up for their right to hold opinion and to question discriminatory action by bureaucrats at the public expense. It has also been a victory against national socialism and an encouragement to all citizens that they can stand against the thugs and exploiters.

It is also a victory for Christians who accept the teachings of their faith against homosexuality and resist attempts to convert them to the national Socialist faith.

Three solid achievements by ordinary citizens but of much wider significance. All sects of Christianity share the common belief that homosexuality is wrong, but so does almost every other religion. Muslim Council of Britain chief Sir Iqbal Sacranie is one of many investigated by the Thought Police who prosecute their national socialist policies ruthlessly against anyone they think they can attack.

In the wake of the victory by the Roberts, the Home Office is forced to re-write edicts to the Thought Police and hopes to sneak out a new document on December 28 which it hopes will go unnoticed by the media and the citizens.

It might be too much to hope that the the old police services will be rebuilt to fight criminals and terrorists in place of the national socialist police forces that are primarily tasked with tax collection and enforcement of national socialist prejudice. Then again, the fight back has to start somewhere and the Roberts may have secured the first of a series of triumphs for common sense, decency and reason.

Of course its not all good news because the total cost shared by Wyre Borough Council and the Lancashire Thought Police is expected to reach GB£200,000, of which GB£10,000 compensation for the Roberts, and GB£40,000 to pay the Roberts’ legal fees are just a small part of the total cost that includes defence lawyers fees and staff time. Unfortunately the cost will ultimately be carried by the local taxpayers, including the Roberts, because the guilty national socialists will not be held individually responsible for their actions against the citizens.

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ID interrogation centres


NO2ID reports: “ID Interrogation Centre network. How do you fingerprint and number 60 million people? ( or how do you eliminate the 20 million extra bogus idenities already issued under the National Insurance Number scheme ) To begin with you need to get them to come to you. The government’s solution to that problem is to make people report themselves when they get a passport.

As part of the creeping move to state identity control in Britain, ID interrogation centres are being set up all around the UK (see map left, or link to Chris Orr’s Google Map of the centres we have uncovered). To begin with there will be 69, on top of the existing Passport Offices. A company called Mapeley, which owns the offices of HM Customs and Revenue, has been given the job of setting them up. Planning applications may all be in by the end of 2006. Operations will start some time in 2007.

So, from early next year, when people (as young as 16) apply for their first adult passport, they will have to attend their nearest centre. There they will be subject to background checks, questioning to test their story against official records, photographs, and, before long, fingerprinting. Registration on the national ID database will follow.

Even though the ID database has not been built yet, this system will collect and store the information about hundreds of thousands of people for later use. Passports already meet international standards. The only reason to do it is to prepare for the ID scheme.”

Some commentators suggest that it will be difficult to make the interrogation system work, but this overlooks the success in Germany and the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The system will not address professional criminals, terrorists and foreign intelligence agents because these categories are adept at forgery and in circumventing State Police systems. It will be highly affective in controlling the main population and in extending patronage and penalties to enable the national socialists to continue in power.

One essential element is the formation of a Secret State Police agency. The Blair regime has already done this in the creation of a new national police force that swears allegence not to the Head of State (in Britain that is the Monarch, currently HM Queen Elizabeth II ) but to the Party Leader ( currently Tony Blair ).

The next essential step is to open a network of interrogation centres from which the secret police can operate. Potentially the Internal Passport system provides this network.

It is then necessary to establish a network of information resources which is what will now happen as three separate Departments will link their existing databases together to serve the Internal Passport system.

Once that is achieved, more and more Government databases can be linked into the network and serve as an exchange for information contributed by citizens about neighbours and relatives as was exampled under the East German Government and its Stazi secret police.

The Grand Index

Britain slipped further into the grip of the Police State when Home Secretary John Reid announced that the Internal Passport, or ID Card, will not be based on a new ‘clean’ database system. Allegedly to save money, from a national budget that has been spiralling out of control, the Internal Passport will now spread across three existing systems that will be linked together.

This will enable the Internal Passport to be available to the Criminal Database, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Passport Office and other undisclosed Government Departments.

By 2010 the ‘voluntary ID scheme’ will fine impose GB£2,500 fines on pensioners who do not ‘volunteer’ and similar fines are planned for those who refuse to ‘volunteer’ to carry their Internal Passports at all times.

Although legislation has been passed by Parliament to enable the introduction of the Internal Passport, this was on a proposal from the Blair regime that the system would be based on a completely new database that was free of the errors common in Government IT systems during the last 10 years.

The Work and Pensions database is notorious for its errors and more than 20 million National Insurance Numbers have been issued beyond the total population of the United Kingdom. It has to be assumed that these errors will carry over into the Internal Passport system.

There are several views of why up to a third more NI numbers have been issued beyond the total population. The kindest view is that this just reflects general incompetence but specialists in fraud detection point out that many of the extra NI numbers have been issued to benefit fraudsters who use them to milk large sums of money from the benefits system. Security specialists fear that some NI numbers have been fraudulently obtained by terrorists and will be used to obtain Internal Passports when these are introduced.


Global Warming Terrorists Strike Again

policeman and prisoner 5 Recycling Police – Tough on Pensioners

A 78 yr old pensioner has been threatened with a GB£1,000 fine by Recycling Police.

The terrible crime perpetrated by this pensioner was to put a cardboard orange juice container into the bin for cardboard. Of course he should have realized that it was the “wrong sort” of cardboard.

The pensioner said, ” I struggle every week to separate my rubbish but I try to abide by what I thought the rules were. I though the orange carton was made of cardboard so I put it in the sack for cardboard.”

A letter from ‘Rethinking Waste Officer’ ( or that may be ‘Thoughtless Waste of Space Officer’ ) Helen Ryder threatened the pensioner with prosecution under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, leading to a criminal record, a fine and/or imprisonment and a requirement to provide fingerprints and DNA samples to be stored in the Criminal Database.

Recycling Police are now getting into their stride in Britain and the Home Office is planning to release murderers, rapists and other sex offenders early to make space in the overcrowded prisons for these anti-social recycling criminals.

Uber Gruppen Fuhrer Ryder is employed by Liberal Democrat-controlled Burnley Council. Lib Dem Councillor Charles Bullas defended his Recycling Police and appeared to suggest that they were just joking.

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The Long Goodbye

PM red box 200

A smug Tony Blair enjoying another holiday from the troubles at home

Tony Blair is off on yet another taxpayer-funded jaunt to the Middle East but as one Israeli source commented, he is away from Britain because he is now so weak at home. This has been a bad week for him even by his recent standards.

His “peace mission” demonstrates how far he is from reality. At best he is seen as an irrelevant joke in a region that so badly needs some humour. At worst, he will inflame an already very dangerous situation. While he is away his spinners are busy trying to rubbish the police investigation into fraud, false accounting and corruption, and trying to move some of the blame across to Gordon Brown in a renewed bout of New Labour infighting.

One piece of really bad news is that the officer heading the police investigation has just been promoted in what looks like a deliberate Metropolitan Police gesture of defiance and independence. Its more complex than it seems at first glance because Home Secretary John Reid must have been made aware of the promotion before it was announced and must have agreed it. It’s difficult to rubbish an officer who has just had his dedication to duty and his effectiveness recognized by promotion.

A second piece of bad news is that New Labour pork barrel politics have just been uncovered by a study that shows the massive NHS cuts have been directed at areas that do not return New Labour MPs and sees a continuing movement of funding into areas with sitting New Labour MPs.

A third set of bad news is centred on the unfortunate Iraq adventure, where studies confirm, what many have long believed, that the invasion has made the terrorist threat to Britain much greater. Studies also show that Blair has failed to have any influence with the Bush administration. To round these conclusions out, an inquest into the death of a British soldier in Iraq have condemned the MOD and the Blair regime for committing troops without ensuring that they were adequately trained, equipped and supported.

Then there are continuing leaks about the police investigation. It seems that the Metropolitan Police have not been leaking information and that the leaks come from factions of New Labour. The current leaks suggest that, when Blair was interviewed by police, the interview was not under caution but was considered the first of a number of interviews that may involve arrest and caution. Some senior New Labour officials are now due to be interviewed again, this time under caution, as the net tightens. One New Labour supporter who lent money to the Party has called for Blair to be arrested and thrown into a police cell, as he was when the investigation looked into the loan that he had made.

As if that was not bad enough, the Bank of England is now saying that it believes the over-heated housing market is about to suffer a violent readjustment with a very hard landing. If this happens, the already rapidly rising tide of house repossessions will become a tsunami, engulfing thousands of families that have been encouraged to take out massive loans on the promise that the market will continue to head up vertically long into the future.

With no firm date announced for Blair to resign, this mess could continue well into 2007. This may be good news for Blair’s political opponents but it further damages Britain’s reputation, although there is no easy answer, with Gordon Brown expected to be crowned as Blair’s replacement. So far, Brown’s appeal has been based exclusively on his carefully cultivated reputation as a brilliant Chancellor. With the corruption investigations expanding and some grim economic forecasts, Brown may see his reputation shredded before he can become Prime Minister, triggering a period of infighting as other New Labour contenders struggle for the leadership.


The Madness Of Kings


From Caligula to Bush and Blair, the author takes us on a tour of the insanity of leaders. There is an amazing amount of information packed into the pages but the stories are so involving that the reader is not conscious of the amount of knowledge. It may be that a leader does not have to be mad but it can help if he is. In the same way, the author did not have to write with wit and humour but it helps to relieve some of the horror in the tales. It is a difficult act of balance to write of kings and to finish with politicians who would be kings. That balance has not been entirely achieved. In the earlier chapters, kings were kings, singular characters and all view from the perspective of history. Madness is also a difficult concept to work with because it is a judgement from perceptions. Mad George, George III rather than George W Bush, is an example of a monarch who was naturally a kind and gentle person who suffered from a recurring condition that many would argue was not clinical insanity. Caligula may have been bad as much as mad. Henry VIII and Ivan both started out with promise and displayed attractive qualities, their personalities changing with their experiences. The author tackles all of these issues and produces a narrative that grips the reader and entertains at the same time. The closing stages of the book suffer from the realities of modern personality driven life. Many of those political leaders who see themselves as significant are only enjoying a brief period of notoriety and history may bury them under more important people and events. In a litigious age it is potentially dangerous to treat current personalities in the same way as historical figures but the most difficult aspect may be that today’s ‘mad kings’ are pigmies when compared to the characters who provided some much red meat in the earlier chapters

You Don’t Have To Be Taxed To Care


Roz Savage at sea during her successful attempt to row solo across the Atlantic

The Global Warmers and the greedy politicians are conspiring to tax us till the pips squeak in the name of Saving The Planet. It easy to think that you have to be a crank or a masochist to care about the environment.

Roz Savage is being green without being taxed into it, or joining the fundamentalist Church of Global Warming. It can be fun not to pollute and it can make economic sense if you do it in moderation.

During her voyage, Roz will be relying on muscle power to propel her vessel and taking every step to avoid using electrical power other for essential communications and navigation tasks.

You can learn more about Roz the Rower from a PDF news document that can be downloaded from To download, visit Broadly Boats and open an account as a registered reader which provides a number of free privileges, including the ability to download documents from the Downloads Section at Broadly Boats, and its all free, including registration.

We’re All Going To The Moon

Flower-Power Bus

Total Peace Man – or maybe its just something I smoked

One of the impacts of the Global Warming industry, the ending of the Cold War, and the spending of the Peace Dividend (if you don’t believe that total world peace broke out in 1991 you must be listening to the wrong spin doctors) is that mankind started taking several big steps backwards.


The Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up over Texas

The United States failed to invest adequately in development of space technology and in new manned exploration. That resulted in the Space Shuttle continuing on past its ‘Use by’ date and caulking up two tragic disasters that cost the lives of two crews. Disasters happen at the edge of technology but risks are reduced by rolling the programme forwards and updating older technology.


Without Russian cargo rockets and space capsules, the Shuttle disaster would have closed the International Space Station project. As it is the loss of Space Shuttle missions has delayed this co-operative space exploration project


It also made the US reliant heavily on Russian launch vehicles to maintain supplies to the International Space Station during the periods when the Space Shuttle fleet was grounded.


In Europe, a step backward was taken when that beautiful aircraft, the Anglo-French Concorde, was removed from airline service and consigned to museums. Concorde was the only successful SST ever to fly, carrying passengers on scheduled and charter flights around the world at twice the speed of sound.

DC36Vickers Vimy

Its as if the DC3 had been scrapped in 1945 and replaced by the Vickers Vimmy biplane

So you may ask – “So what?”


Concorde should have provided a stepping stone

The two events are linked and form part of man’s evolution. Concorde not only carried the rich and the privileged across the Atlantic fast enough to make New York a day trip from London, but it extended our knowledge and engineering skills. It was one more step in an extra ordinary voyage. Had Concorde become the standard by which airlines were measured on long distance routes, this beautiful but cramped airliner would have been followed by larger and more sophisticated vehicles that would have taken flying to the periphery of space and then been developed further to create space planes that would service orbiting Space Ports, from which passengers would travel on through the solar system, and beyond, in deep-space ships. As it was, Concorde soldiered on without a mid-life update and that resulted in the only fatal Concorde crash, blemishing an otherwise remarkable success story.

whiteknight spaceshipone

White Kinght has developed without Government control and funding

Two generations beyond Concorde have yet to be built although the Virgin Space Plane could claim to be an innovative private initiative that is producing a very small commercial space plane, with very limited endurance.


A small step for mankind, a giant leap for the Presidential Library

In the US, NASA has been starved of funds and the United States has lost what was a huge lead over other countries. It is welcoming that President Bush has announced a new phase in US space exploration, even if it may have more to do with salvaging a legacy for his Presidency from the mire of Iraq.

So why is space exploration important?


If the Global Warmers are to be believed (and many are becoming fundamentalist converts to this new religion), man-made pollution will destroy the Earth in the next hundred years. We have a straight choice of moving the deck chairs on the Titanic, or just beating our breasts as the planet dies, or doing something constructive, like minimizing the consequences of climate change and making sure we have a lifeboat.

dinosaur world

Evolve or Die

Even if we don’t believe the Global Warmers, we know that the Earth will cease to exist sometime in the next six billion years and will be uninhabitable some time before that. That sounds like a very long time but, ‘time flies when you are having fun.’ The quicker we develop new technologies, the more likely we are to survive as a species.

Then there is our natural drive to expand into new frontiers. That’s not just a human imperative but applies to every other species. It’s a natural mechanism to preserve species against the possibility of an existing environment failing. In the process it evolves new variations on existing species that can exploit a new-found environment. We have just short-circuited the process by developing tools that enable us to survive in new environments without having to take millennia to evolve physically.


GPS navigation and the Internet are direct products of the aerospace industry

We also forget at our peril just how much direct short-term benefit has come out of the space industry even with one hand tied by budget constrictions. The development of computers and communications technology has depended on the needs and funding of military and space agencies. Much of the artefacts that we now take completely for granted only exist because of that great technology race



Wicked Witch Flies In


New solution to Iraq mess could be to replace US Forces with politicians as so many are flying in, but maybe its just another election coming up.

When Hillary Clinton visited Iraq last month the army Blackhawk helicopter used to transport the senator was given the call sign “broomstick one”. And they say the US armed services have no sense of humour.

This of course rankled the Royal Air Force who themselves were considering the monikerfor Britain’s foreign minister, one Margaret Becket, for her trip!

Both did consider “Speedbird” but that is still the British Airways call sign, a name lost in antiquity and a concession made by BEA when it took over (or officially combined) with BOAC.

If Santa decides to come he could be called “Bobsleigh” but the bearded man might not be welcome in these politically correct times.