Happy Birthday


Happy Weblog Birthday Louise

In all the excitement of reading weather and ice maps we nearly missed an important birthday. The AGX weblog has been running for one year. It has allowed Louise to post news of Adrian’s progress quickly and easily and we even got Adrian to send photographs via his satphone. It has expanded the readership with many readers setting up their own RSS feeds. So its Happy Birthday wishes to the AGX readers, Louise, Alpha Global Expedition, the FIRE Project team and all those who have contributed to the project during the last twelve months. It is almost two years since Adrian sailed out of the Solent and into history, but this weblog anniversary comes at the most critical stage of the voyage, after a chain of sailing achievements.





Spin Doesnt Catch Crooks


Police Community Support Officers or Keystone Cops?

Shocking figures reveal that Blunkett’s Bobbies have failed miserably, with teams in several areas of Britain failing to detect a single crime, or write a solitary fixed penalty notice in the last twelve months.


From a distance PCSOs look like real police officers

When the Blair Brown regime came under constant criticism for their failure to deliver on their many promises to combat crime, presiding over a steady to rapid increase since 1997, they hit on the idea of hiring people and dressing them in police uniforms without providing the training necessary to equip a police officer for the job. Several of those recruited were only 16 years old, too young to join the regular police service – earning the label of “Babies on Patrol”.


Well now you know – it takes ten PCSOs to man a speed camera and they still can’t issue a fixed penalty ticket

The hope was that the electors would see PCSOs and mistake them for police officers, coming to believe the spin that the Blair Brown regime was expanding the police forces to meet expanding crime rates.

Alan Gordon, Vice Chairman of the Police Federation, representing real police officers, said of the shock figures, ” What these powerful figures show is that they (PCSOs, AKA Blunkett’s Bobbies) deliver very, very little.” Real police officers were even more candid than Alan Gordon, describing Britain’s army of 14,000 PCSOs as a cheap ‘con trick’ to make the public feel safe.

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Crazy Gordon – In the US

Hillary Clinton

US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton performed a Crazy Gordon on Iraq. She has just announced that the Bush troop surge in Iraq has been a success and demanded immediate withdrawal of troops.

Nice one Hillary!!

If it is a great success why snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

If its time for the US to cut and run, why claim the surge was a success?

Is she just trying to win votes from the pro-war lobby and the anti-war lobby?

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National Conference


Nigel Farage MEP, Leader, UK Independence Party, has an important conference coming up. This year could be make or break for the Independence Party. A lack of real engagement by the established parties with the electorate leaves a very large pool of apparently uncommitted votes and widespread voter frustration. At the same time the United States of Europe is forging ahead, ignoring the European electorate and attempting to impose the European Constitution. Once that Constitution is in place national politics will become irrelevant because the Eurocrats plan to extinguish all traditional national identity. In this environment, an Independence Party could achieve a break through, so there is all to play for

The British political conference season is gearing up. Hot of the blocks is an announcement from the UK Independence Party with details of their forthcoming National Conference:

UK Independence Party

National Conference 2007

Friday and Saturday 5-6 October

The Troxy Conference Centre
Commercial Rd, London E1 0HX

The UKIP 2007 conference has moved. The previous venue in London’s Docklands turned out to be unsuitable and we have been fortunate to reserve the Troxy.
Conveniently located between Docklands and the City, this new venue is 3 minutes walk from Limehouse station on the Docklands Light Railway. It is also close to the Excel Centre so there is no need to change accommodation or transport arrangements for those who have already booked.
How to book your place at Conference
Booking is now open and details appear on our website www.ukip.org (click ‘Conference 2007’ on the front page and follow the links to a downloadable form). These details are also in the current edition of Independence, due for delivery around 2 September.

Many thanks.
John Whittaker

Crazy Gordon – The Bug-out


Will US Forces protect British withdrawal?

The latest Crazy Gordon is an about-face on Iraq. Claims that the Blair Brown regime would be keeping troops in Iraq as long as necessary appear false.

In a new Crazy Gordon the Blair Brown regime is preparing a sudden total withdrawal of British troops ahead of the anticipated Autumn General Election when the Blair Brown regime will need every Muslim vote it can muster.

US officers in Iraq have expressed their serious disappointment at a British bug-out and anticipate a civil war in the South of Iraq that will require US troops to be moved South.

Remaining British forces are facing the prospect of a fighting withdrawal as Iraqi militia vie for the reputation of having defeated and ejected the invaders


America’s Most Wanted


Seems like Bush is winning the war on terror. US Homeland Security swooped on seven year old Briton Javaid Iqbal who was travelling back from holiday in Florida.

Then it turned out that this child was not an international terrorist but just one of many to suffer from a computer system glitch.

The family, who had had their airline tickets cancelled eventually managed to book new tickets and resume their journey.

The moral of the story seems to be that people who do not have Anglo-Saxon names should not travel to Disney World Florida.

This is not an isolated incident and a number of victims are seeking compensation.


National Socialists To Fight it Out?

Will the next General Election in Britain be a fight between National Socialists?


The National Socialists of the Blair Brown regime are trying to wrap themselves in the Union Flag

The Blair Brown regime is increasingly expected by political pundits to hold a snap General Election in a matter of months, hoping that the appointment of the Scottish Prime Minister Brown will provide spin doctors with a narrow window to fool the British electorate. This first National Socialist regime in British history has already done great damage to the United Kingdom.


The National Socialists of the British National Party have long wrapped themselves in the Union Flag

The British National Party is expected to attack the Blair Brown regime in the North of England and in selected urban areas, such as Birmingham and London. Blair Brown regime MPs in these areas are already preparing to fight it out on a national socialist agenda.


The National Socialists of the Scottish National Party have wrapped themselves in the Flag of Scotland

The Scottish National Party will be fighting the Blair Brown regime vigorously in Scotland and are expected to make major gains on the strength of their very good performance in the Scottish Parliament as the minority Government of Scotland.

The result of this fighting between the branches of national socialism could ensure a Conservative majority in the Westminster Parliament and present the most serious and immediate threat to the Blair Brown regime.


Crazy Gordon – European Constitution


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect

Crazy Gordon spotted by the electorate.

The Blair Brown regime thought they had got away with it by claiming that their promise to hold a referendum on the European Constitution no longer applies because the European Constitution is now called a Treaty.

A recent ICM opinion poll shows that the electors are not only able to see past this sudden maneuver, but are very angry to be cheated in this way.

Even those who previously voted for the Blair Brown regime express an overwhelming opinion, by 80%, that they demand a referendum. The figure for all electors demanding a referendum is shown as 82%, while 88% of Conservatives demand a referendum. 23%, of those admitting to have previously voted for the Blair Brown regime, even claim that they will vote for the Conservatives if they are denied a referendum.

This Crazy Gordon has achieved one major first – almost totally uniting the cross section of voter opinion against the Blair brown regime.

Dan Xavier

Crazy Ivans and Crazy Gordons


In the days of the Cold War, British and US hunter-killer submarines tailed Russian missile subs in a cat-and-mouse game – expected to return soon to an ocean near you. The quiet hunter-killers were able to tuck in behind the Russian subs in a sonar blind spot. To detect and shake the stalkers, Russian captains developed a system of sudden course and speed changes that became known as Crazy Ivans, not so much because of their unpredictability, but because they were dangerous evolutions that could result in the hunter crashing into the Russian sub.


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect

Politics have just acquired Crazy Gordons. Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been performing sudden and illogical evolutions in an attempt to throw off scrutiny. The first Crazy Gordon was denial of his involvement in the Blair Brown regime for a decade when he was responsible for many of the most disastrous errors. An interesting maneuver that seems to have confused the news media. Somehow Brown expects us to believe that he, and he alone, was responsible for a golden economic age, that started four years before he became Chancellor, but that this miracle was performed without him being involved in any way in the Blair Brown regime.

The political correspondents may be thick Gordon – but pull the other one.

Dan Xavier

Referendum Or Not?


Alex Salmond, Leader Scottish National Party, Scotland’s First Minister

Alex Salmond has announced his programme towards a referendum on the future of Scotland. The aim of the Scottish National Party is to break away from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, hoping to take offshore oil production in British waters with them. There is debate over which oil fields could be transferred and independence would result in an animated negotiation over separation terms, the rest of the United Kingdom being able to argue that Scotland has already benefited from ‘English’ offshore oil and gas, which is now becoming depleted.

If those issues are placed to one side, Scotland would receive, from all offshore oil production, approximately the same amount of money as is already exported to Scotland from tax payers in the rest of the United Kingdom. This suggests a financially neutral situation arising from separation, because the tax money exported to Scotland would cease. That assumes that the rest of the United Kingdom would be prepared to perpetuate the heavy subsidies of Scottish public services, should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom.


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elected

Gordon Brown has responded through his spin doctors that new powers can be given to Scotland and equally that existing powers can be taken away. This raises the question of whether Brown is seriously considering removing the Scottish Parliament, which was created by his botched attempts at Constitutional change in Britain, or whether he is just attempting to intimidate the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people, who dismissed the Blair Brown regime from Government in Scotland.

The Blair Brown regime continues to resist demands that all Britons should be given the chance to vote in a referendum on the new Constitution for the United States of Europe as was promised in their manifesto at the last General Election.

There is every indication that Salmond and Brown are set on a collision course.

For Brown, Scottish independence is a serious threat. Personally, he is a Member of Parliament for a Scottish seat. Independence would either force his resignation as Prime Minister, or require him to find an English constituency that would elect him. Even then, his Party would be unable to win the seats required to form a Government in England because the current control in England depends on MPs holding Scottish seats.

Boston tea party

English speaking people have responded vigorously before to politicians who seek to impose taxation without representation

In the meantime, he is hoping to cling to office with the support of MPs from Scotland who are voting one way on matters that affect England and seeing Scotland vote differently as those matters affect Scotland, assured that English tax-payers will fund the more lavish Scottish services and spending plans. This is in effect forcing taxation without representation on the English tax payers.

To add insult to injury, Scotland is now to hold a referendum on its future while Scots in the Blair Brown regime are denying that opportunity to the rest of Britain.


The Balkanization of Europe is already underway

The situation becomes more confused because Scotland can only become independent by also leaving the European Union and operating outside as Norway has very successfully managed. If Scotland did not leave the EU, it would be divided into three parts, each administered as States from outside Scotland. This process of splitting up England has already begun with the appointment of a French-speaking President, based in Paris, ruling the Republic of Arc Manche, which includes a large part of what has been southern England.


Not since the people of Austria broke the shackles, to reunite, have the countries of Western Europe faced the threat of subjugation under a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ruled by a political elite

The new European Constitution (available only as a document in the French language, contrary to the rules of documents published in all the official European languages) provides the means to break up every existing country and remove national identity. The British should be allowed to voted on adoption or rejection of a Constitution that has already been rejected by the voters of France and the Netherlands – and should therefore be dead and buried.

The Blair Brown regime and the Eurocrats are reluctant to permit voters to express their views because the French and Dutch have already misbehaved by saying NO, leading the Eurocrats to believe that the British would also say NO.

This is all so bizarre that it is difficult to believe that any politician could create such a total shambles. Then politicians have trouble understanding why they have sunk so low in the estimations of the electorate. However, this is also a failure of the electors for not rising up and voting in honest and sane politicians who will return probity and sanity to government

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