How to Clean the Toilet

In these dull PC days of repression, a gloriously un-PC suggestion from a very intelligent dog.

For the PC Brigade and anyone else suffering SHF (Sense of Humour Failure) or distorted sensibilities – BSD has been assured that no animals were injured in the writing of this post

How To Clean The Toilet


1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl.


2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.


3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids. You may need to stand on the lid.


4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.


5. Flush the toilet three and or four times. This provides a “power-wash.”


6. Have someone open the front door of your home. Be sure that there are no people between the bathroom and the front door.


7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.


8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet , streak through the bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off.


Sanitary Engineer

9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean.

The Dog



Sun or Earth?

In their new book “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years”, Avery and Singer conclude, from studying the work of more than 500 other scientists, that climate change is a natural cyclical event.

Singer says, “This can all be explained by the Sun’s activity”.

What the new book most clearly demonstrates is that scientists are unable to agree on the nature of climate change, or on its causes.

Avery and Singer have latched onto a 1,500 year climate cycle and other scientists have talked of natural cycles of 10,000 years and 150,000 years. What they have in common is that they all see repeating cycles through history. They can see these cycles from studying written records and art, and from studying tree growth and ice cores. Some trace climate change in rock and soil samples and a few point to events mythologized in religious testaments. It is also likely that there are a series of cycles within cycles, so that the starting point could involve periods so large that we have difficulty in understanding them, seeing only the much shorter sub-cycles.

They also share one other important factor at present. They are not welcomed by the Church of Global Warming and all those who see political and financial advantage in promoting the ‘Gospel according the Church of Global Warming’.

A large number of scientists see repeating climate patterns, but they differ on attributing cause. The reality may be that they are all correct in part.

Where Singer and Avery blame the Sun, they are talking about the fluctuating radiation output from this star, which is recognized to exert considerable effect on the Earth. Logically, if the Sun becomes hotter, or sends out plumes of radiation as a result of solar storms, the Earth will respond to that increased radiation. In simplistic terms, a hotter Sun should mean an increase in Earth temperature, but that does not automatically mean that the effects are sudden like an infrared heater, seeing temperature dropping as soon as the radiation reduces. In reality, the Earth has a molten core that has scum floating on the surface and water collects in the indentations in the top surface of that scum and within the strata of the scum, with a narrow band of atmosphere between this composite surface and space. This means that one possibility is that solar radiation will affect the core temperature and produce delayed results, possibly delayed by more than 1,000 years. In the same way, the radiation will affect the atmosphere, as will changes in the scum and the core beneath.

When mountains are thrown up, they have roots beneath them reaching down into the mantel. When these roots break off, the mountain range will begin to subside. Pressures build at weak points in the scum and either produce shock waves, as earthquakes, or force molten material up to the surface as volcanoes and volcanic explosions. We already know that volcanoes produce large quantities of gas and dust which rises through the atmosphere and acts as a filter reducing the volume of solar radiation, causing a dramatic fall in global temperature for many years.

We already know that increasing global temperatures coincide with increased earthquake and volcanic activity, followed by natural atmospheric pollution that sees temperatures fall again. This demonstrates the dynamic and self-repairing nature of the Earth. What we do not know is – what is cause? and what is effect? We are also unable to predict seismic activity although we are beginning to build early warning systems that may produce data that will enable earlier warning to be given, eventually leading to a system for accurate prediction.

To these powerful drivers of our climate, is added the ‘wobble’ factor. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the Earth is in conflict with the gravitational force exerted by the Sun as the Earth orbits around it. This means that the Earth is tilted over at an angle, but that the angle does not remain the same. Some scientists speculate that the consequence of these two competing forces would be that the wobble would become so extreme that the Earth would flip on its axis or that the orbit would become erratic. There are competing theories about the relationship of these forces and the moderating forces that act upon them. What we cannot predict is how the axis will tilt from one year to the next, or what fluctuations may occur in the orbital path of the Earth, taking it further away from the Sun or bringing it closer.

The Earth is one of a number of planets that orbit the Sun and each planet exerts some force on its neighbours. This force varies because the orbits result in periodic alignment of the planets around the Sun but this is a rare cyclic event. The Moon orbiting the Earth is large enough to exert a significant force on the Earth which results in the tidal activity of the oceans.

The roots of astrology lie in the study of the relationships of forces exerted by the bodies in the solar system and the other solar systems that stretch out into deepest space. As we believe that the Universe is still expanding, forces from beyond our Solar system would be getting weaker. Astrology claims to be able to interpret the effects these forces have on the lives of individuals. Skeptics claim that astrology is a confidence trick, but they ignore the fact that there are cosmic forces and all objects have a capacity to store force in some form. It is a long step from there to claiming that these forces can predict exact events as they affect individuals, but it does demonstrate that forces radiate out across the Universe and each force has some effect on everything within its environment. However, there are so many forces at play that the range of effects is bewildering and difficult to appreciate within the short span of recorded history and the even shorter span of individual human lives.

Mankind has always has a masochist fascination in doom mongering. Every religion forecasts some cataclysmic event where the world ends and offers salvation for all who accept every part of the faith on which that religion is based. In that respect the Church of Global Warming is just another faith that offers salvation in return for belief and makes its message more acceptable by providing the confessional, self-flagellation and the option to purchase indulgences. In addition to making the harsher message acceptable to those who are not primarily masochist, the sale of indulgences creates a huge industry where the profit motive expands the power of the Church of Global Warming.

Of course none of this alters the importance of using resources wisely, but it is a form of mass manipulation that trades on fear to promote ‘quick fixes’, that produce considerable profit for some, but are eventually seen to be even more profligate or polluting.

What all of this should show us is that it is essential to recognize that life and the universe are infinitely complex elements that require further study and greater common sense. Charging blindly off in one direction and denying all alternatives is never productive.


A REALLY Inconvenient Truth


Al Gore, High Priest and Chief Propagandist for the Church of Global Warming

Denis Avery, agricultural analyst, and Fred Singer, climate physicist, have just written an illuminating new book “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years”.

The authors have looked at the work of more than 500 other scientists who are doubtful about the claims of the Church of Global Warming, the fastest growing faith group in the world.

Al Gore claimed that ‘all’ scientist agree with the Church of Global Warming’s creed that global warming will destroy the world and its all the fault of humans, ignoring a long list of really inconvenient truths that present an entirely different reality.


Dave “the tosser within” Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party

Until recently, Global Warmers were seen as a bunch of sandal wearing weirdos who were looking for a new ’cause’ following the ending of the Cold War. During the last few years the number of failed politicians and rock stars joining the Church of Global Warming has increased from a trickle to a flood. Their numbers have been swelled by wannabe politicians hoping to find some easy votes.

Its like the folk tale of the Emperor’s Clothes where it became unacceptable not to claim to be able to see the ‘invisible clothes’. Avery and Singer are like the small boy who realized that the Emperor was naked.

Crazy Gordon – Between a Northern Rock and a Hard Place


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown

Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown has performed a Crazy Gordon, sluicing money into the ailing bank Northern Rock.

Northern Rock was under siege on Friday as desperate investors queued to withdraw their money and one couple were forced to barracade a Northern Rock manager in her office in an attempt to withdraw over GB£1 million that they had paid into their account with the bank.

On Friday the bank saw its share price fall like a stone from GB£12 to GB£4, the fall arrested by the closing of the market.

In scenes reminisient of the German Weimar Republik, that preceded the election of Adolf Hitler, the level of desparation on the faces of Northern Rock customers was plain for anyone passing the long queues.

Northern Rock claim that they are not insolvent and that may be technically accurate now that they have received a GB1.6 billion in emergency bailout loan from the Bank of England. The BoE emergency funding has two prime objectives. One is to prevent panic spreading through the banking industry. The second is to safeguard small investors. Without that loan, Northern Rock would have been forced to consider calling in the liquidators.

Nervous money markets are now watching closely and fearing other banks may be forced into the same situation.

BSD Newsdesk

Just Because


The saying goes “just because you are paranoid doesnt mean no one is out to get you”. Conspiracy theorists see conspiracy sometimes where there is conspiracy.

Its a mark of the level of distrust in politicians that conspiracy theorists are suggesting the short-lived Foot and Mouth outbreak in Britain was a stunt to help establish Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown as an action man who saved the day. Although the Scottish Prime Minister appears to have had little, if anything, to do with the containment and clean up, he was painted as doing it all himself in his holiday time.

Information thus far released raises more questions than are answered.

The Blair Brown regime started desperately spinning in an attempt to blame the commercial lab, diverting attention from the Government lab on the same site.

The current theory appears to be that virus escaped into the commercial lab’s drainage system that takes liquid waste to the Government lab which is responsible for treating it and removing any harmful contaminents.

For an escape to have taken place suggests a failure of bio-security that should have been picked up by Government inspectors.

If the ultimate point of escape proves to be from the Government lab, that will be a further security failure that should have been identified.

If the virus ultimately escaped because of defective pipes, and was then washed away by flood water, that is a further lapse that inspection should have prevented.

Even so, it seems unlikely that a virus escape aided by flooding would have only affected a single farm, and sometime after the escape when the virus would have been expected to perish.

Conspiracy theorists are starting to suggest that a very small quantity of virus was obtained from the Government lab and deliberately used to infect the cattle.

Given the many conflicting leaks of information, the already strong case becomes overwhelming for a full and open public enquiry to establish exactly what did happen.

BSD NewsDesk

Constitution – What Constitution


Gordon Brown Scottish Prime Minister

Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in denial. He claims that the European Constitution is not a Constitution because its called a Treaty. He claims his infamous red lines allow Britain to sign without holding a referendum first and without accepting the Treaty terms.

The Eurocrats say he doesnt need a referendum because they will ignor it unless its a YES vote – but they also admit that the Treaty is the Constitution under a new name and will transfer all remaining sovereign power to Brussels.

Over a third of Brown’s own Westminster MPs demand a referendum.

Most Conservative MPs demand a referendum.

Even some of the LIberal Democrat (AKA None-of-the-Above Party) think a referendum should be held.

87% of the British population demands a referendum.


Nigel Farage, leader, UK Independence Party

Nigel Farage is becoming a popular interviewee. His next outing is on the Jeremy Vine Show today (5th September 2007) at 12.30p.m. on BBC Radio 2 (FM 88-91 mhz or freeview channel 702 or sky channel 0102).

Topics of conversation will focus on the Constitution and the need for a Referendum.

Refreshingly different from professional politicians, Farage will talk a lot of sense but in the process some will equate a referendum with a vote to leave the European Union. There may be great merit in Britain disengaging from the insanity of the EU but a referendum on the Constitution is a much wider issue.

Every British elector should have to opportunity to vote for or against.

The Constitution is a significant chnge in the structure and status of the Eurocrats power to rule undemocratically. The people of France and the Netherlands have already overwhelmingly voted agaisnt the Constitution and even under the flexible rules of the EU to ignor voters, the matter should be dead for at least ten years.

What we know is that the same Eurocrats who tell us there is no need for a referendum would be screaming for a vote if they thought the outcome would be a majority YES.

BSD NewsDesk

Spot the Real Moron

So now we know that P.J. Gladnick is a covert member of the Church of Global Warming – he displays their determination never to let facts and accuracy get in the way of a good sneer, or an unfounded shock horror story.

But how much of a Moron is P.J. Gladnick?
Well the mitigation is that it all started with a sloppy piece of journalism by the Moscow bureau of a French news wire service, mis-reporting on the Alpha Global Expedition. Then an Australian publication, that should have known better, copied the news wire without any checking on the storyline.

P.J. Gladnick then joined the bunch of folk who followed the Australians, adding their own ignorant spin to the false story line. Most of these folk are cousins of the rubberneckers who cause disaster on the freeway staring at an auto crash on the other lane as they drift past.
The moronic part was that none of these folk needed to take the French story without checking and there is a heap of accurate information out on the Internet covering the Alpha Global Expedition – but hey! If you only want to swim in mud why bother?

If you do want to know what’s really happening in detail:
Alpha Global Expedition website:
Adrian Flanagan’s weblog:
FIRE News:
Broadly Boats:
Cowes Online:

If you want to read an accurate synopsis:
The Alpha Global Expedition has never had anything to do with a belief in Global Warming. Adrian Flanagan is not trapped in ice and has not pleaded for rescue by an ice breaker

British sailor Adrian Flanagan sailed from Britain in October 2005 in a titanium steel sloop Barrabas at the start of an epic attempt to make the first vertical circumnavigation by sea in history, by any sailor, or crew, in any kind of boat.

He sailed South down the Atlantic to Antarctica, rounded Cape Horn against wind and current into the Pacific.

He sailed North towards the Arctic.

Failure of the prop shaft cutless bearing approaching the Aleutians – can only be replaced by taking the boat out of the water, or using a diver – required him to divert to Nome, Alaska for the failed bearing to be replaced. That, together with early reforming of ice in the Arctic, meant the boat had to be stored ashore in Nome for the Winter of 2006/7.

Adrian returned this summer and put Barrabas back in the water, sailing to Provideniya, Chukotka Province, Russia.

Given the only permission ever to authorize a lone sailor to navigate the Russian Northern Sea Route without even an escort, Flanagan sailed through the Bering Strait and turned West for home.

He arrived at his planned holding point half way along the NSR three weeks ahead of schedule. He has been holding, waiting for a promised brief window of opportunity to pass through the PVK Strait. He, the Russians, and everyone else with any knowledge knew this section of the route would be extremely difficult. MDA/KSAT are providing daily high definition satellite images and the Russian Arctic Research Institute AARI is providing expert interpretation, with the Russian Western Arctic Marine Operations HQ in Murmansk providing NSR support.

The real story is that Alpha Global Expedition have been checking Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E.

Plan A is to sail through the shallow intercoastal, or the deep water NSR passage, if favourable conditions exist after the forecast change in wind and temperature – due to start from September 9 and last maybe eight days.

Plan B is to be picked up at sea by one of two nuclear-powered icebreakers at sea and be carried through the short section of 7/10 thick ice, relaunching in clear water to the West of PVK Strait. That plan is now unlikely because the weight of Barrabas is beyond the capacity of the lifting equipment on the icebreakers, even if all stores and moveable equipment are first removed from the yacht -lifting a yacht at sea in rough conditions is not for the faint hearted.

Plan C is to sail back East to the Port of Tiksi and be lifted onto a large ice hardened merchant ship that is preparing to go through the PVK Strait in convoy with icebreakers. Once through the Strait the cargo ship would put into the Port of Dickson offload the yacht, which would continue to sail to Murmansk on its own.

Plan D is to sail back to Tiksi and join a collection of vessels, some now there for their third year, waiting to see if the ice will be kind next year.
Plan E is to take a very big risk and enter the intercoastal as soon as the ice thins in a few days time, hoping to make it to the other side before new ice forms. If the yacht becomes trapped it will be crushed and Adrian may have to take to his survival dinghy which is designed to sail, or be rowed, also to become a sledge across ice, or a shelter on the ice.

Notes for the global warmingly challenged:
Some believe the first passage of the NSR was more than a thousand years back by a Viking longship – probably employing portage around any thick ice as the Vikings moved their ships across land when they used the Russian rivers to go from the Baltic to the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

In the Sixteenth Century some attempts were made to sail East from the Murmansk area and later to sail West from the Bering Strait, and what was the Russian Province of Alaska. Even in the brief Arctic Summer, ice at the mid point prevented a ship from travelling the complete distance in either direction along the Russian Northern coast.

In the Soviet era successful attempts were made to use the NSR as a Summer waterway. With the ending of the USSR, attempts were largely abandoned to make complete voyages, using instead vessels from each end to sail to and from the two ports on either side of the worst ice at PVK – Proliv Vil’kitskogo.

In forgotten history the temperatures were very much higher than they are today and higher than the most hysterical doom forecasts from Global Warmers. It is not known whether this was due to the excessive use of 4×4 and SUV vehicles by an ancient lost civilization, pollution caused by flatulent dinosaurs, or just the continuing process of climate change as the Earth passes through cycles of increasing, or decreasing, temperature.

Dan Xavier