National Socialists Head to Head


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, has been consistently unelected by British voters since his “coronation” and replacement of Blair. Yesterday, the Scottish voters got their opportunity to express their total lack of confidence in him.

Yesterday saw the national socialists of the Blair Brown Regime fighting it out in East Glasgow with the national socialists of the SNP. In what should have been a safe (majority at the last election: 13,000) Blair Brown Regime seat, where the voters were so taken for granted that there was no constituency machine in place until the last few weeks, the SNP gave them a thrashing and took the seat. The vicious fight between the two national socialist parties was to be expected, but the Scottish Conservatives surprised many by showing a resurgence and taking a very creditable third place, comfortably ahead of the Liberal Democrats. For the Conservatives in Scotland, this is an encouraging indication for the future. For the SNP it is a first class triumph. For the LibDems it is a further disappointment in a sliding position since their own change of Leader. Significantly, the resurgence for the Scottish Conservatives coincided with the announcement that Irish Conservatives were discussing a new integration with Irish Unionists, after 30 years of separation, to form a new devolved Party that would promote Irish interests, but within a United Kingdom.

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Lowering the Tone


“Bottler” Brown on holiday?

The gentile British seaside town and retirement area of Southwold, sometimes described as Chelsea-on-Sea, is due to suffer the holiday presence of “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, Unelected again yesterday, this time by Scottish voters. Just what this community has done to have its tone lowered by war criminal “Bottler” Brown is unknown. It will have to wait to see what form the visit takes. Speculation suggests that this visit is primarily an extended photo opportunity in an attempt to portray “Bottler” as a man-of-the-people with the trouser legs of his pin-striped suit rolled up and a knotted handkerchief on his head, in a reprise of 1950s vintage Brit on holiday. Few may see this strange sight as “Bottler” is expected to be surrounded by a thick screen of bodyguards. Others have speculated that he will arrive in flack jacket by helicopter gunship. Many wonder why he does not just take an extended holiday in another country far, far away, perhaps Zimbabwe, where he is unable to inflict any more suffering on British voters.


Search for a Backbone?


Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, Unelected

When Phony Blair was British Prime Minister, “Bottler” Brown escaped close scrutiny. His great success was to claim the credit for an unusually benign world economic situation and a golden legacy from Conservative Chancellor Ken Clarke. He might have got away with the propaganda when he became Prime Minister because “Dobbin” Darling was nicely positioned to take all the blame for the downturn. Unfortunately for “Bottler”, he made the classic mistake of taking propaganda a step too far and claiming that he had abolished boom and bust economics for ever. That claim is now demonstrably hollow, even for his toadies at the BBC, as Britain sinks into a deep depression and economic stagflation.

“Bottler” has managed to increase the number of new crimes, created by his legislation, to three a day and managed to achieve a disaster a day. The electors might have forgiven some of that as just ‘unlucky’ but “Bottler” has demonstrated a great ability to dig every hole deeper. However, it is in the inability to display any backbone that he has succeeded in achieving the worst popularity figures of any Prime Minister in British history. Even Neville Chamberlain managed a better score after his appeasement policy of Nazi Germany was demonstrated to be a serious error when German national socialists rolled into Poland in 1939.

In the matter of backbone, “Bottler” demonstrated a lack of it very early after being crowned Scottish Prime Minister. He had an opportunity to present himself for approval in a General Election and his spin doctors were busy in preparation, when he whimped out. The irony is that even with a total lack of any real policies, he could have won because his sins had not yet begun to find him out.

Since a display of Election Cowardice, “Bottler” has been working hard to demonstrate his lack of confidence and his inability to make, and keep, decisions ever since. Northern Rock became a major problem because he failed to deal with the situation when he was Chancellor, but it became a major tragedy when he failed to take the rapid decisions necessary, deciding instead to let the failed Directors of Northern Rock to privatize the profits, while he nationalized the debts and liabilities.

“Bottler” demonstrated lack of backbone when he arrived late for the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, in the hope of avoiding the press cameras and total culpability for this act of treason. Later, he demonstrated further lack of backbone when he caved in to Franco-German pressure and agreed to ratify the new European Constitution, so that the Irish could be put under heavy pressure to vote again in a second referendum, having wisely and overwhelmingly rejected the unloved EUSSR Constitution in a first vote. That was lack of international backbone, but for the British the most serious lack of backbone was in reneging on the commitment to allow the British people a referendum on the EUSSR Constitution, AKA the Treaty of Lisbon.

When David Davis resigned as Shadow Home Secretary as a matter of principle to allow, in at least one constituency, the British people to vote on the serious loss of civil liberty resulting from the legislation forced through by “Bottler’s” national socialists, he gave “Bottler” the opportunity to campaign for a national socialist candidate in favour of subjugation of the British people and the removal of their long cherished liberties and democratic rights. Once again “Bottler” whimped out by refusing to allow a national socialist to stand against Davis.

“Bottler’s” lack of backbone is weakening his party. At the Henley by election, “Bottler’s” candidate was forced into 5th place by the alternative national socialist BNP, in the worst result ever for the Labour Party.

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Old for New – Pork Barrel Warships

Queen ElizabethCVF STOVL

The new British carriers will be the largest ever built in Britain

The Blair Brown Regime has signed the contract for two new aircraft carriers for the new French-led European Navy. The French plan is for one operational carrier to be always available to the EUSSR Navy, suggesting that the Royal Navy will get to pay for the carrier in refit, only to hand it over when the other carrier needs refit and maintenance on the British budget. Nominally they will be built for the Royal Navy and paid for out of the Ministry of Defence budgets at the expense of equipment required to protect British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

This means that the contract is good news for British shipbuilders, who will make a satisfactory profit, and for the French, who will get two large warships for free. Probably also good news for the French aircraft factories who may be required to build aircraft in place of the Lockheed F35.

It is bad news for the British forces engaged in wars launched by the Blair Brown Regime, because it will burn up funds that would be available for buying vital equipment.

The motivation for signing the contract now is that it will transfer further money north to the Blair Brown Regime heartlands in an attempt to stop the errosion of votes.


French poison ship Clemenceau – 22,000 tonnes of steel on-board are worth eight million euros, but the ship is riddled with asbestos, PCBs, lead and mercury

Its not all one way though. The French poison ship, aircraft carrier Clemenceau, will be heading to Britain for breaking, having been declared too dangerous by breakers in India and Bangladesh. Thats a pretty good deal for France, exchanging two new super carriers for one aged pile of toxic junk


The US Government may yet block supply of F35 VSTOL warplanes for the new carriers

There is an interesting question about what aircraft will operate from the new carriers. If the United States comes to understand that the EUSSR is a potential enemy, far more dangerous than the Russian USSR ever was, a US President could still block the supply of F35 VSTOL fighters, 40 of which were intended to be aboard each aircraft carrier.

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What Part of NO don’t you understand?


The EUSSR, Keeping the Red Flag Flying

The third momentous event of week ending June 14 was the decisive NO vote in Ireland on the Constitution for the EUSSR.

The Eurocrats were momentarily struck dumb by this inability of the Irish to vote as they were told. Silence didn’t last long. Within hours Eurocrats were trying to tell us that the Irish No vote really meant YES and they would be given a few months to reflect on their mental failure before being given a second chance to vote the right way.

So you think thats crazy? – it worked with the Danes, who voted not to join the EUSSR and then were given a second chance to correct their malefaction


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister Unelected, Eurocrat and enemy of the people

“Bottler” Brown was leant on to ratify the constitution for Britain even though the British were promised a referendum. The idea was to put pressure on the Irish by forcing all the other EUSSR states to ratify. Then the Polish President showed backbone, statesmanship and good sense by refusing to sign for Poland because any attempt to ignore the Irish would make the EUSSR ungovernable because any attempt to break the established rules would mean that there were no rules. The Irish Prime Minister turned the knife by pointing out honestly, even if he would rather have seen a YES vote, that the Irish constitution required a referendum, but made no provision for holding as many as might be required to obtain a different vote.

During the time since the Irish vote, the EUSSR and its political elite have continued to demonstrate how out of touch they are with the wishes of the people of Europe. It is now clear that there is an overwhelming desire throughout Europe to halt the process of Super State integration and suspension of democracy. Some polls now suggest that there is also a majority in favour of the dismantling of the existing Eurocratic structures and for a return of power to the member states. Only the Eurocrats and the political elite are still enthusiastic about moving rapidly to form the most powerful Super State and take on the US and China, while gorging on the ‘perks’ of lavish expenses and politburo advantage.

Why not just make July 4 European Independence Day? – No Taxation Without Representation !!!

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