Lockheed Martin Awarded £150M Contract to Support 2011 Census for England and Wales, and Northern Ireland


London, UK, August 28th, 2008 — Today, Lockheed Martin UK and its industry team were selected by the Office for National Statistics to support the 2011 Census for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The approximately £150M contract award comes after an extensive competition which required the Lockheed Martin UK-led team to demonstrate its ability to provide secure and accurate data capture and processing support services.

“We are proud to again support the Office for National Statistics in conducting its census,” said Ian Stopps, chief executive of Lockheed Martin UK. “Together, with our industry team, we are committed to delivering a system that enables the government to efficiently and effectively perform the 2011 Census while ensuring that all information remains secure and confidential”

Lockheed Martin, who successfully provided the data capture elements of the 2001 UK Census, as well as previous censuses for Canada and the United States, has created a consortium of UK-based companies with proven experience. Team members are Broadcasting Support Services (bss), Cable & Wireless, Logica (UK) Ltd, Oracle Corporation UK, Polestar Group, Royal Mail, Steria Ltd, and UK Data Capture Ltd.

Working with the ONS and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) authorities, the team will design, install and support an innovative system using state-of-the-art character recognition and colour processing for paper census forms. The system will, for the first time, allow for census questionnaires to be completed via the Internet in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.




After the Party’s Over


The controversial Bejing 2008 Olympic Games are over, the baton has passed to London for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The 2008 Games have been mired by China’s occupation of Tibet and consistent abuse of human rights by a totalitarian regime. There have also been a number of Chinese breaches of agreements, notably the agreement to set an area aside for protests where Chinese citizens could make protests during the Games. Protestors were required to apply for a permit to protest. Some of these would-be protestors were promptly taken to prison for making an application and the remaining protestors are still awaiting their permits. The opening ceremony film footage was ‘enhanced’ by adding computer graphics to suggest fireworks that never existed, and where the young Chinese girl selected to sing at the opening was recorded and another child used to mime to the recording. Perhaps trivial deceptions, but there were also allegations of serious deception by entering under-age competitors and falsifying their dates of birth.

However, the Chinese reprised the spectacle of the Nazi Olympic Games in Berlin, as only a totalitarian regime can, and the facilities provided for the Games were excellent, all being completed in time for the event.

We now enter a period of picking over what happened in competition, with governments seeking to bath in the glory of their medal winners, unfair criticism of the performance of some athletes, and excuses and allegations from those who failed to win the medals they thought they deserved.

Gold for attacking athletes went to Chinese Television for their show trials of athletes who failed to win gold. Unedifying interviews pilloried athletes who ‘only’ achieved ‘inferior’ results by winning silver or bronze.

Gold for attempting to claim the glory of athletes for a political party goes to Scottish Prime Minister “Bottler” Brown who was quick to suggest that he would be arranging Honours for British medal winners.

Gold for brass neck goes to the Eurocrats who are attempting to seize the medals won by British competitors for display as ‘European’ medals in some blaoted Eurocrat’s office in Brussels.

Gold for whinging goes to those Australians who were angry that Britain won more medals.

The reality is that every athlete who qualified to join a national team had already demonstrated great skill in a particular Olympic discipline. Those who won medals demonstrated the greatest skills under the pressure of world-level competition. Whatever resources were provided by governments and commercial sponsors only served to assist the determined efforts of athletes who had dedicated years of training and competition to get to the Olympics. It may be sad that some athletes were not as well supported financially as others but the key ingredienta are the dedication and determination of young people to work hard over a long period to reach Olympic level. Where a Government decides to award additional Honours, in an attempt to bask in the glory, this devalues Olympic medals and the Honours system. The real honour is the Olympic medal, award not on the whim of some politician on the make, but by a judging system that recognizes extreme achievement. Those athletes who then go on to give their sporting lives to their sport and to helping other athletes to achieve may well be deserving of Honour by their nation. It is also unfair to those who qualified to compete but failed to win a medal. Perhaps the fair solution would be to create a new honour to be awarded to all national team members, their coaches and all who provided support for the competitors as members of the greater team.

Promotion for Blunderwoman?


Home Secretary “Blunderwoman” Smith setting new standards for incompetence in Government

Has British Home Secretary “Blunderwoman” Smith qualified for promotion?

Initially regarded as a “safe pair of hands” and a potential replacement as Prime Minister for Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Blunderwoman rapidly began to demonstrate her high level of incompetence.

During the last week she has excelled herself, both in the incompetence of her governance of the Home Office, and in her incompetence when trying to pass the blame to other people. These are qualities highly valued by Bottler Brown and as he prepared for yet another Blair Brown Regime Cabinet shuffle, Blunderwoman could receive a new job that would enable her to demonstrate her incompetence in a new department.

Her latest blunders include the attempt to create a photo-opportunity on the back of paedofile Paul Gad’s flight back to the UK from jail in Vietnam. Gad ran rings around her and greatly enjoyed the attention of the world’s Press. Then there was yet another loss of highly sensitive information, this time the details of 130,000 of the most dangerous criminals held in British jails. The result may be a welter of claims for damages from the prisoners and demands for 24 x 7 police protection when they are released.

Previous Home Secretary John Reid once infamously declared the Home Office as “not fit for purpose”. Blunderwoman’s latest efforts demonstrate that she is not fit to run a welk stall.

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RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards ready for busy bank holiday weekend as further Coastguard strike action looms


Above, a Tamar Class lifeboat of the RNLI funded by donations. The RNLI is a volunteer service funded by donations and is due to carry the SAR protection of British coasts during strike action by HM Coastguard which is a state funded service bound by Statute to coordinate search and rescue (SAR) around the coastline of the UK. HM Coastguard decides which resources are needed for a search and rescue incident and requests lifeboats to launch – RNLI volunteer crews respond to that request by launching lifeboats and carrying out search and rescue at sea

RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards ready for busy bank holiday weekend as further Coastguard strike action looms

Come rain or shine, the August bank holiday is one of the busiest weekends of the year for the RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crew members and lifeguards. This year, despite renewed strike action by HM Coastguard members, it will be business as usual for the charity’s lifeboat crews and lifeguards.

Last August bank holiday weekend, the RNLI launched lifeboats 230 times to those in danger at sea, while RNLI lifeguards responded to 819 incidents on busy beaches.

This year, the charity’s crews and lifeguards are preparing for another busy time despite further HM Coastguard strike action. The RNLI lifesaving charity is independent of the Government and HM Coastguard and is operating normally.







Winners and Losers in the New Cold War


Czar Vladimir thought he could engineer a conflict in Georgia and just roll in to annex the country, prior to destabilizing the Ukraine, Rumania and Poland. He assumed the world would react too slowly and that he would be in full control by the time the UN even thought of asking him to withdraw.

This is one occasion where the news media have proved beneficial to democracy. We now know that Russian Special Forces had been redeployed from the Chetchen theatre, where they have been very effective at ethnic cleansing, and positioned ready to move into Georgia as soon as an incident could be engineered to provide an excuse. TV journalists have secured footage of Russian Special Forces dressed in Georgian uniforms and footage of Russian armoured columns traveling through Georgia with South Ossetian militia. This is raising questions about who may have been responsible for killings inside South Ossetia. It is entirely possible that Russian troops dressed as Georgian soldiers are responsible for many of the deaths, particularly of the ethnic killings of Georgians living in South Ossetia. It is now beyond question that Russian and Ossetian militias have been responsible for killings, rapes and the theft and destruction of property within Georgia.

The initial US response of flying in humanitarian aid was the only practical first step. This process has further demonstrated the ruthless and lawless actions of Russian troops who have been attempting to destroy this aid.

What initially appeared a humiliation of the United States by Russia is now developing rapidly in a way that may end up with Russia as the real loser.

Poland moved quickly to agree to the positioning of anti-missile systems on its territory by the US. This decision was prompted by the Russian attempts to annex Georgia and is the first significant loss suffered by Russia. Without the illegal Russian act, the Polish Government might not have agreed to host the anti-missile system.

Although the Russian intent was to destabilize former WarPac countries that were queuing up to joint NATO, and then attempt to annex them, the effect appears to be a speeding up of the NATO expansion with Germany and France now accepting that they can no longer obstruct the process as part of their previous efforts to destroy NATO and replace it with an EUSSR military force. Czar Vladimir will find an enlarged US-led NATO military a greatly superior opponent to a grandiose Franco-German led European Armed Forces.

It may prove that Czar Vladimir made a serious miscalculation that will see him as the ultimate loser.

The Blair Brown Regime may struggle on for months yet, but the battle for survival between “Bottler” Brown and his Foreign Secretary Miliband has resulted in no clear actions by Britain, but British Conservative Leader David Cameron has already been invited to Georgia and had pledged his full backing for Georgia. Although Cameron may not have the chance to thrash the Blair Brown regime for at least a year, his firm commitment places great pressure on the Blair Brown national socialists. “Bottler” may not yet have received an invitation from Georgia to visit, but Miliband has invited himself and is due to visit during the next few days. During a visit he would have difficulty in promising less than Cameron’s commitment. This would then place “Bottler” in a position where he would have to endorse or better any pledges given by Miliband.

In the meantime the Russians have announced their withdrawl several times while their forces continue to destroy Georgian roads and bridges. A Russian General has now claimed that it will take him a long time to begin wthdrawing troops, potentially handing a major propaganda opportunity to Georgia.

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Ukraine implements tougher rules on Russian navy


Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko issued a decree limiting the movement of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukrainian waters in response to its deployment in a blockade of Georgia’s sea ports during the Russia-Georgia conflict. Ukraine has already before urged Russia to withdraw its troops from Georgia’s territory. Last weekend Ukraine threatened to refuse the Russian vessels reentry to the Sevastopol naval base if they became involved in the conflict in Georgia.





One-third of Nation’s $14 Trillion Gross Domestic Product Affected By Weather and Climate


Employees gathered at an event highlighting the role of satellites in monitoring the global climate change held at Northrop Grumman’s Space Technology facility in Redondo Beach, Calif. Speakers, including U.S. Rep. Jane Harman, California Lt. Governor John Garamendi, Northrop Grumman chairman and chief executive officer Ronald D. Sugar, and Northrop Grumman corporate vice president and president of Space Technology sector Alexis Livanos, stressed the importance of government/industry partnerships meeting challenges presented by global climate change.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif., Aug. 13, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) — Hundreds of guests and employees attended an event featuring U.S. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and California’s Lt. Governor John Garamendi and Northrop Grumman Corporation’s (NYSE:NOC) chairman and CEO Ronald D. Sugar to highlight the contributions Earth observation satellites are making to global climate change monitoring. The event was held at the company’s Space Technology sector facility in Redondo Beach, Calif.






JUNK meets up with Roz Savage!

RozPicture 6

Course for JUNK to RV position with Brocade

Roz Savage and JUNK

Roz traded surplus food for water (having been surviving by drinking ballast water) to allow both boats to reach Hawaii

A miraculous reunion. In the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, JUNK and the Brocade, two tiny motorless crafts, managed to locate one another, meet up for dinner, trade essential supplies, and marvel at the wonder of it all…..





Russia’s Empires


The Russian blitz on Georgia seems to have taken the world by surprise, demonstrating the widespread lack of appreciation of Russian politics and its Imperial traditions.

Russia has a long tradition of invading its smaller neighbours and an equal tradition of being happiest when ruled by a ruthless and unprincipled dictator.

Ivan the Terrible is the first Russian ruler to achieve notoriety outside his borders. This 16th Century despot could claim to have created modern Russia as an Imperialist State. He established a group of henchmen who rode across Russia bringing terror to serfs in remote villages and he employed terror against the aristocrats who previously thought they ruled Russia.

Under Ivan, Russia was both expansionist and isolationist. Russia soldiers were used to annex small neighbours but Russia was reluctant to engage with the wider world, displaying paranoia and a determination to operate within what Ivan saw as his private area of interest.


St Petersburgh a beautiful city built on misery for Czar Peter

Peter the Great has enjoyed a more positive international reputation but his reign was just as bloody as Ivan’s and included beating his son to death and working thousands to death in the fulfillment of his pet plans.

Russia has always wanted to expand into the Middle East and India, feared Chinese expansion and wanted to dominate Europe.


Czar Vladimir (Lenin)

Under Lenin, the national socialist Russia of the Soviet Union developed an interest in expanding Russian domination through international socialism.

stalin 1 160

Czar Josef (Stalin)

Under Stalin, whose birth place in Georgia has ironically just been heavily bombed by Russian war planes, the policies of Ivan and Peter were continued. Having flirted with national socialist Germany, Stalin was forced into alliance with the West to survive the attack on his country by Germany. In 1945, he firmly set Russian policy in brutal expansion into neighbouring countries and annexed large areas of Europe, as a prelude to full invasion of Europe, being contained by NATO with US support.

The high point of his expansion plans was the starvation and annexation of Berlin. He was defeated by the massive Anglo-American airlift of supplies that broke the Russian blockade.

Russia attempted world domination after the death of Stalin under a succession of national socialist Czars. These plans were defeated by the US blockade of Cuba when Russia attempted to set up a nuclear missile base on Cuba to dominate the US.

The fall of the USSR was a direct result of the US and NATO standing up to Russian attempts at imperial expansion. The brief interlude of democratic experiment was bound to fail and its demise was helped because the US and NATO failed to support the handful of democrats adequately and failed to understand that Russia was slipping under the grasp of a new Czar.


Czar Vladimir (Putin)

Putin found a way around the Russian constitutional rules to continue in control after he was required to stand down as President. Every thing that he has done since coming to power has been to reintroduce the long established Russian desire to dominate.

The vulnerability of the pipeline that brings energy to Europe through Georgia should have been fully understood by the West. Since it broke away from Russia, Georgia has been great strides towards a genuine democracy and is seen as a threat and an opportunity to Czar Vladimir (Putin).

If Europe and the US fail to react strongly in the way of the Berlin Airlift and the Cuban Blockade, they will have lost a key battle in a new war between Russia and the rest of the world.