Chemring Group introduces anti-corruption code


Chemring Group plc, which includes Chemring Marine, is committed to following the Common Industry Standards on Anti-Corruption, (CIS) which has been endorsed by the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe.

As a result, all Comet distributors will receive a copy of the CIS and are required to sign up and follow the measures, which forbid bribery and other unethical behaviour in business dealings. The agreement forms part of the Chemring Group Code of Business Principles.

Background on SBA 7 (a) Proposal on Boat Floor Plan Financing


MRAA Asks Dealers to Contact White House In Support Immediately

The Federal Small Business Administration went to bat for boat dealers at a top level meeting with the Office of Management and Budget at the White House on May 5 by proposing usage of its 7 (a) loan program for new and used floor plan financing.

Climate change on the agenda as UN agency leaders meet at IMO

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Leaders of three United Nations agencies involved in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15) that will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December this year, held a preparatory meeting at IMO’s London headquarters on 30 April 2009.

The meeting was hosted by IMO Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos and was attended by Mr. Y de Boer, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Mr. R. Kobeh González, President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

As the Actress Said to the Minister


Having had a private meeting with “Bottler” Brown to discuss justice for the Gurkhas, Joanna Lumley was able to give a press conference to say that the meeting was productive and that she had received a series of undertakings. The Blair Brown Regime then began to back off those commitments. Not discouraged, Joanna button-holed the Immigration Minister Woolas in front of cameras and proceeded to wring out commitments on television. It will now be increasingly difficult for the Blair Brown Regime to wriggle out of a commitment to delivery justice for the Gurkhas.

Joanna Lumley is not only a great actress, but she is also a seasoned campaigner for a number of very worthy causes. She will not give up until the commitments are honoured.

The campaign to deliver justice to the Gurkhas raises several issues that have long been neglected.

The British Army now recruits from a number of Commonwealth countries and does accept recruits from non-Commonwealth countries. The Gurkas are a special case because their unique service goes back some 250 years, they have fought as a distinct Regiment and they have demonstrated great bravery, winning a higher proportion of honours than any other unit in the British Army. However, the basic principle is that anyone who serves in the British Forces and is discharged honourably or through injury should be entitled to reside in the United Kingdom if they wish to do so and to receive health care. It should not matter in any way that they may present a cost to the British taxpayer because money is trivial against the loyal service in harms way of any member of the British Forces. They should also have the right to obtain British citizenship if they wish.

The reality is that most non-British service personnel wish to return home after completion of service and that has been the Gurkha tradition. When they return they contribute much to the lands of their birth, making their British service beneficial to both Britain and to their native country. Their Army pension, which is by no means generous for those living in Britain, can represent a very comfortable income in their native lands. Those who wish to live in Britain will make a further contribution to Britain.

The Gurkhas deserve a rapid redress of their issues, but we should not then forget about other service personnel who may wish to settle in Britain at the end of their period of service.


Former Iraqi Minister of Oil to Deliver Keynote Address at Iraq Oil & Gas Summit

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Iraq Oil and Gas Summit Announces Featured Speaker & New Sponsor Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Al-Olom, Former Minister of Oil Confirmed will Address Challenges and Opportunities in the Iraqi Oil & Gas Industry

New Fields, organizers of the 2nd Iraq Oil+Gas Summit announced today that Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Al-Olom, former Iraqi Minister of Oil to deliver keynote address at Iraq Oil & Gas Summit scheduled to take place May 13-14, 2009, in Houston. And will be vailable for pre-scheduled One-to-One meetings with the IOGS participants.

Experts on dealing with maritime incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances to meet in France


Leading experts in dealing with maritime incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances, such as chemicals, will gather to exchange information and ideas at IMO’s Fourth R&D Forum on Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) in the Marine Environment, which is to be held from 12 to 14 May 2009, in conjunction with INTERSPILL 2009, in Marseille, France.

The growth in marine transportation of chemicals, together with State and industry obligations arising from the entry into force, in 2007, of the Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Co-operation to Pollution Incidents by Hazardous and Noxious Substances, 2000 (OPRC-HNS Protocol), have focused professional and public attention on the potential dangers of HNS at sea.

Meeting the Electors

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New ship recycling convention set for adoption at Hong Kong Conference


A new international convention on ship recycling is to be considered for adoption at a diplomatic conference to be held in Hong Kong, China, from 11 to 15 May 2009. The new convention is aimed at ensuring that ships when they are being recycled, after reaching the end of their operational lives, do not pose any unnecessary risk to human health and safety and the environment.

The draft International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships has been developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution from ships.

Gearing Up for the European Elections


Nigel Farage (right), Leader, UK Independence Party, is becoming a familiar face of television news and political interviews. In the June 2009 Election, his party will have to work hard to replicate and increase their considerable gains at the last European Elections. With the collapse of Labour in pre-election polling, the strengthening of the Conservation position and the rise of the BNP national socialists in Labour areas, the UK Independence Party faces competition from all sides.

The UK Independence Party reports:

During this year’s European election campaign, we are expecting a substantial increase in media coverage (see below for the national media appearances so far confirmed for the next 8 days). The party will also have a substantial advert published in the Daily Express on Friday. The first wave of UKIP billboards have now come down; our second wave is expected to be much bigger.

In addition to the national coverage listed below, dozens of local and regional media appearances are planned.

Thursday May 7th – Party Political Broadcast:

BBC 1 – 6.55 pm
BBC 2 – 5.55 pm
ITV – 6.25 pm
Channel 5 – 6.55 pm

Friday May 8th – Nigel Farage MEP on BBC ‘Breakfast Time’ television (time TBC).
Nigel Farage MEP on GMTV – 6.20 am
Gerard Batten MEP on BBC Daily Politics Show 12.00 pm
National campaign launch – to be covered by all major broadcasters
Daily Express feature by Nigel Farage MEP

Sunday May 10th – Nigel Farage MEP on ‘BBC1 Andrew Marr Show’ – 9-10 am

Monday May 11th – Nigel Farage MEP on BBC Radio 5 Live – 1 hour phone in show with Nicky Campbell

Party Political Broadcast for Wales

Tuesday May 12th – Party Political Broadcast:
BBC1 – 18:55 pm
BBC2 – 17:55 pm
ITV – 18:25 pm

Friday May 15th – BBC Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’ from Chichester.

Reminder – if you or anyone you know will not be able to attend a polling station on June 4th, you can register to vote by post. The deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on Tuesday 19th May. You can find out more information and download a form here.

Can you help the campaign? If you are able to deliver leaflets, please contact your local branch or regional office (call 0800 587 6 587 if you do not have their contact details). You can donate to the campaign by clicking here.


Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)