The Military Strikes Back


British Military Commanders prepare to frag “Bottler” Brown and “Phony” Blair

The Iraq Inquiry seemed like a great idea at the time – to be held in secret, to have no remit to apportion blame, no powers to force witnesses to attend and where evidence would not be given under oath.

Then, like most things “Bottler” Brown touches, it all turned to dust.

The Iraq Inquiry will now be held largely in public and witnesses will be required to promise to tell the truth. Blame will be apportioned and, as the Inquiry gets underway, it is likely that almost all evidence will be made public or be heard in public.

Even secret evidence is likely to be leaked.

The report to be submitted in evidence by the Chiefs of Staff may be a secret document, but its main thrust has already been leaked by angry commanders who have been inching to hold the Blair Brown Regime to account for forcing British troops into an illegal war and keeping them starved of equipment and resources to compete the military task.

The Blair Brown Regime deliberately held off ordering essential equipment for troops to hide the fact that a decision had been made in advance to go to war in Iraq whatever happened. The result was that British lives were lost and personnel were wounded.

The Regime failed to highlight the deficiencies in the US war plans that had been flagged by British military commanders. The result was that the “light-force” invasion was not reinforced to win the peace and reconstruct Iraq. From that lead the humiliating contraction of British troops back to the Basra airbase and the eventual need to replace them with US and Iraqi soldiers to restore order and begin the process of stabilizing Southern Iraq.

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Green Economy: A Transformation to Address Multiple Crises

rollover center

IMO is one of 21 United Nations agencies behind a joint statement issued by Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director, at the United Nations Conference of the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development, (New York, 24-26 June, 2009).

The wide ranging statement calls for a world-wide transition to a low carbon, resource efficient Green Economy able to deliver multiple economic, social and environmental opportunities in the 21st century.

Among other things, it says that: “Investing stimulus funds in such sectors as energy efficient technologies, renewable energy, public transport, sustainable agriculture, environmentally friendly tourism, and the sustainable management of natural resources including ecosystems and biodiversity, reflects the conviction that a green economy can create dynamic new industries, quality jobs, and income growth while mitigating and adapting to climate change and arresting biodiversity decline.”

Two Finger Salute to British Voters


Life goes on as before for the Westminster pigs

Labour members of Parliament decided to show their contempt for the British voters by electing John Bercow as the new Speaker. This had been an opportunity to elect a strong Speaker who would be above party lines and able to lead MPs out of the current expenses scandal. Instead, they voted for Conservative Bercow in the belief that this unloved member of the Conservative Parliamentary group would upset Conservative Leader Cameron.

Bercow, himself an offender under the expenses scandal, has an inconsistent approach to political convictions and is known as a ‘greaser’. The main plank in his campaign to become Speaker was a call that MPs should receive a huge pay increase to replace the expenses and allowances that have caused so much public anger during recent weeks.

Bercow and those who voted for him have demonstrated a contempt for voters and a failure to appreciate the depth of feeling in Britain against the body politic.


UK Independence Party Expanding


The UK Independence Party is preparing to develop from the base they achieved in the British Local Government and the European Parliament elections on June 4.

Coming second in the European Parliament elections, ahead of both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties was a huge achievement. They also did well in the British Local Government elections. Turning this into seats in Westminster is a much tougher battle because the electoral system is different and greatly favours the three established parties

The next test will be the Norwich North by-election caused by the resignation of the sitting Labour MP.

In an address to the UK Indpendence Party troops their Chairman wrote:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped with the UKIP campaign for the local and European elections. For a so-called ‘minor’ party to beat the government at a national set of elections is unprecedented in British political history. Despite the UK’s representation in the European Parliament being reduced from 78 to 72 seats, we managed to take 13 seats – finishing in second place, ahead of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.


At the recent County Council and unitary authority elections, we also made a significant breakthrough. UKIP has taken a number of council seats in the past, but never at County Council level. This year, we won 7 County Council seats and achieved an average of 16% of the vote in the 594 seats we contested. Incredibly, UKIP took over 80,000 votes more than Labour in the areas where both parties stood.


We have had an amazing result. But we must not now become complacent or allow ourselves to rest on our laurels. The General Election campaign must start now. Our attention now turns to selecting candidates for those constituencies which do not yet have a UKIP candidate, to ensure that UKIP is a credible threat to Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.


Meanwhile, the Norwich North by-election will shortly be called and the election is expected to be held within the next few weeks. Our campaign office has already opened in the constituency at 166 Wroxham Road, Norwich, NR7 8DE (for more information or to help, please contact Pete Reeve on 07792 290434) and leafleting has begun. The campaign has already raised a five-figure sum and is growing towards the level needed to build upon our European election success. We have generated momentum in our European election campaign; a strong showing in Norwich North will enable us to keep this going as we approach the next general election.



Paul Nuttall MEP (UKIP Chairman)

Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)”

The real achievement was not that UK Indpendence Party did well at a time when the Blair Brown Regime is heartily disliked and distrusted after twelve years of costly failure, but that the significant achievement in the previous European elections was maintained and resulted in a seat increase. The UK Independence Party vote held firm against a multitude of new and other small parties and has established the Party as a mainstream political force that is now attracting new funding and able to field many more candidates at election time. It does however present a threat to the Conservatives because it has demonstrated that it can pick up votes from all other parties and from the traditional uncommitted group of voters who make their minds up very late.


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A Tale of Two Prime Ministers


Lord Mandelson, unelected First Secretary


Gordon “Bottler” Brown, unelected Prime Minister

At the end of his first week in power, Mandelson can draw some satisfaction.

His regime has again ignored the electorate which demonstrated at the unavoidable British Local and European Parliament elections, that they were after blood and an immediate change of government.

He has also begun rewriting Government policy with a priority objective of dumping the British Pound and joining the Euro……….

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UKIP is being inundated with calls from voters complaining that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.


Voting has only been going on for three hours and already hundreds are calling the UK Independence Party to complain that they were not able to vote for the party.

The problem is that Returning Officers have been folding the ballot papers. They have been folding them so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order are hidden when the first fold of the paper is opened. It thus appears that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

UKIP has already contacted both the Electoral Commission and the Returning Officers on this matter.

But it is important that the news gets out: that voters must make sure they completely unfold the ballot paper. And that Returning Officers and electoral officials must stop folding the ballot papers.
We have had reports from Carlisle, from ! York, from Hampshire, Dartford and other places, showing that the problem is nationwide, not just an isolated incident.

UKIP is collecting the names and addresses of those complaining and will be preparing the grounds for a legal challenge to the election result.

Ed Balls Tipped to Head new Super Ministry

ed balls

Ed “Popeye” Balls is being tipped to lead a new Super Ministry.

As ministerial resignations fall thick and fast on “Bottler” Brown’s desk, he is running out of people to replace them with.

There has been criticism within Labour of suggestions that “Popeye” Balls is being selected to replace “Dobbin” Darling as Chancellor. They point out that when Balls was a junior Brown noser he was the moron who convinced “Bottler” Brown (then Chancellor) to raid British pensions, stealing GB£5 billion a year from pension funds.

Commentators outside the Labour Party have suggested that he has demonstrated his serial incompetence in every job he has been given.

Its a grim prospect if he now becomes the Minister for economics, foreign affairs, schools, local government and regions, agriculture and any other departments of Government no longer headed by a Minister.

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Will The Last Minister To Leave Turn Out The Lights


Will the last Minister to resign from the Brown Regime please turn out the lights and save energy.

No surprise to find that Blair Brown Regime Ministers are revolting, many of us thought that of them for a long time, but at least now they are revoluting usefully and not just demonstrating blatant greed.

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A Government of No Talents


As the Blair Brown Regime enters melt down, “Bottler” Brown is planning a Government of No Talents after a mass exodus of Cabinet Ministers, with threats of more resignations as the rats leave the sinking ship two days before British Local Government elections and the European Parliamentary elections.

During the last six months, each week has looked like it was so bad for “Bottler” Brown and his national socialist regime that it couldn’t get any worse – only to find that the next week was.

Last week, tarred with endless sleaze, New Improved Formula One Labour was heading for third place in both sets of elections. This week, incredibly, things are even worse.

In an act of vindictiveness that characterizes “Bottler” Brown, his Star Chamber (a resurrection of the court operated infamously by Charles I, a contributory factor to the English Civil War) kangaroo court ordered that Norwich North MP Dr Gibson would be barred from standing again for re-election in spite of Dr Gibson meeting previously with his Constituency Party Committee, presenting his side of events in a recent sleaze allegation, and receiving the full support of his local committee. Dr Gibson has been an outstanding local MP but a thorn in the Government side since 1997. A traditional and rare Democratic Socialist, he was clearly uncomfortable in what became a national socialist party. If the allegations are correct, he has been guilty of very poor judgment in claiming for a flat occupied by his daughter rent free. OTOH it appears that he has used the flat regularly himself and as sleaze goes currently, his was one of the minor offences when compared with direct criminality of fraud and theft which “Bottler” Brown does not consider a reason for sacking Cabinet Ministers. Perhaps Dr Gibson will stand as an Independent Socialist at the next General Election.

Just to hide the level of vindictiveness in ruling on Dr Gibson, the Star Chamber also barred three guilty MPs who had already announced that they were too ashamed to stand for re-election.

The mass resignations from Cabinet are a surprise only in that they were announced two days before important elections. It is to be expected that more resignations will follow unless a coup ejects “Bottler” Brown. However, a coup is unlikely because many Labour MPs could risk their ‘golden parachute’ payments and golden pensions if a new Leader decided to force immediate resignations from Parliament ahead of calling a General Election. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas or Thanks Giving Day.

This week’s events now mean that “Bottler” Brown will be forced to re-shuffle his dying Cabinet to replace Ministers who have resigned. His Government of Minimal Talents is now inevitably to become a Government of No Talents, placing Britain at even greater risk from the current economic turmoil.

Just to add to his woes, Peter Mandleson appears to have conspired to help a Russian oligarch crony to aquire Vauxhall Motors as part of GM Europe. This is the same oligarch who acquired British van maker LDV and just sold them down the river.

The prospects are that he will cling on to his salary with decreasing power until the final days.

There is still the hope that he will retire to his bunker with a Walther PPK and do the decent thing, two trusted cohorts standing by in the garden of 10 Downing Street with a stack of petrol jerry cans – faint hope.

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