UK Independence Party Prepares


The UK Independence Party is preparing for the next British General Election that must be held in less than 12 months time.

The UKIP performance at elections during the last four years has been impressive for a new political party. Having achieved second place behind the Conservatives during the 2009 European Parliamentary elections, UKIP has proved that it can force Labour into third place and the LibDems  into forth place in major elections. This is a very impressive performance.

In Local Government elections, the party has been winning seats against all established major parties. The performance at the Norwich North by-election was also impressive because the candidate overtook the Green Party and came close to forcing the LibDems into forth place, but even more impressive was the growth in support. Even the Conservatives won fewer votes than at the previous General Election, the LibDems were significantly down on votes and the Labour Party vote collapsed on an unprecidented scale, while the UKIP vote was up almost 12%.

The challenge for UKIP now is to continue its established growth rate and increase it to the point where it can win seats at a first-past-the-post General Election.

It is an interesting challenge because the overwhelming public opinion is to eject “Bottler” Brown and his cronies at the first opportunity. That would cost UKIP votes because, in a first-past-the-post electoral system, there is a fear that votes could go to UKIP from the Conservatives in sufficient numbers to let a Labour candidate in and force Britain to endure another five years of national socialst misrule.  This is countered by another overwhelming public desire to have a referendum on the European Constitution and soundly reject it. The only party that has made a firm and unequivocal commitment to an immediate referendum is the UK Independence Party. During recent elections, a significant percentage of new votes, motivated by a desire to vote down the European Federal Super State, have come from traditionally Labour voting citizens. At the very least, the Conservatives may be forced to make a much clearer and stronger commitment to a referendum

The UK Independence Party Chairman has sent this message to supporters:
There is little doubt that Thursday was one of the most successful days in the history of the UK Independence Party’s history.

The Norwich North by-election saw an amazing result for Glenn Tingle and his team, with UKIP taking over 4,000 votes despite media coverage giving the Greens fourth-party status. His 12% of the vote was the highest vote share achieved by any UKIP candidate at any Parliamentary election, achieved under difficult circumstances. Our thanks go to all UKIP activists who gave up their time to come and campaign in Norwich North, and for all donations which have been gratefully received. Glenn Tingle was a superb candidate and will do very well at the next general election.

Meanwhile in Ramsey, Peter Reeve fought a District Council and a County Council seat on the same day and won both. His vote shares of 43% and 39% were particularly impressive given the strong campaign run by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Derek Armstrong also deserves congratulations after winning a seat on Broseley Town Council in the West Midlands.

Despite the obvious difficulty in obtaining media coverage outside an election period, our recent by-election results show that we are maintaining momentum and keeping up the pressure on the traditional parties.

Our Party Conference this year will be held at the Southport Conference Centre, The Promenade, Southport, PR9 0DZ on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September 2009 and promises to be the biggest and best one yet – you can book online here. The Conference is open to all, but only card-carrying UKIP members will be allowed to vote on motions debated on the Saturday.

Let’s make sure we’re ready for the General Election!


Paul Nuttall MEP (Party Chairman)

Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)

UKIP Scores Impressive 11.83% in Norwich North

The by-election result in Norwich North has given the UK Independence Party further reason for celebration
following its double success in the County and District Council by-election in Cambridgeshire, last night.
Its candidate in the Parliamentary by-election, Glenn Tingle, has picked up 4,068 votes, 11.83%.
Mr Tingle was fourth, only narrowly beaten by the Liberal Democrat candidate.

The Party's MEPs in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart Agnew
both campaigned in Norwich North for Mr Tingle.  Mr Campbell Bannerman, who is also UKIP's
Deputy Leader said:  "This is a very good result for us.  We started from a low base and
worked extremely hard.  We were helped by having a dedicated and genuinely local
candidate who really threw himself into the campaign.  I congratulate Glenn on what he
has achieved.

"I am particularly pleased that we beat the Greens by over 700 votes, because their
candidate was given much greater broadcast media coverage than we were. This excellent
result follows on from last night's success in Cambridgeshire and really does show that UKIP
is now well and truly on the political map in domestic elections. Voters now know that there
is another serious contender in British politics."

Mr Tingle said:  "Obviously, I would like to have won but I am pleased with what we achieved
because we can build on this result in the future.  I believe the voters in this area will remember
UKIP when the General and local elections come around.  I would like to thank the Norwich North
voters for their support and my campaign team, who worked so hard."

Eastern Counties MEPs Hail Cambridgeshire County and District Council Successes

The UK Independence Party is celebrating a double by-election victory in Ramsey,
Cambridgeshire, where local man, Peter Reeve has been elected to both Cambridgeshire
County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council.   The County Council election was
delayed due to the death of one of the candidates, which also created a vacancy on
the District Council.

Cllr Reeve took the County seat with 865 votes beating the Tories into second place
on 682 votes.  He took the District Council seat with 753 votes.  The runner-up was a
gain the Tories with 569.

The Party's MEPs in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart
Agnew both campaigned for Mr Reeve in Ramsey and issued a joint statement after
the result was announced:  "We are delighted that Peter has won such a superb double
victory and congratulate him on the hard work he has put in over several years to achieve
it.  It is a victory that will continue to make the point that UKIP can and does win in
domestic elections.  We are now a Party that has gone beyond electoral success in
European Elections and is ready to go from strength to strength in British politics.
We have come of age."

Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) – 59th session: 13 – 17 July, 2009

rollover center

IMO environment meeting issues technical and operational measures to address GHG emissions from ships

Last week, the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreed to disseminate a package of interim and voluntary technical and operational measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international shipping; and also agreed a work plan for further consideration, at future meetings, of proposed market-based instruments to provide incentives for the shipping industry.

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Vietnam Strengthens Ties with PEMSEA for ICM Scaling up


Danang City, Vietnam – Local government executives representing Danang City, Quang Nam Province and Thua Thien-Hue Province have signed Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) with PEMSEA, signifying their commitment to scale up their respective ICM programs in Vietnam. The MOA signings were held on 25 March in Hue City (Thua Thien-Hue Province); 26 March in Danang City and 27 March in Tam Ky City (Quang Nam Province).

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Government Financial Melt-Down?





Photograph of “Bottler” Brown proudly displayed in the Norwich North By-election campaign by the Labour Party. Invisible ink has been used for the image and details of “Bottler” for security reasons. It is understood that “Bottler” has also avoided joining other political leaders on the campaign trail for security reasons, believed to be a fear that he might be lynched by justifiably angry tax payers.

The parlous state of British Government finances is indicated by a blatant attempt to bury bad news and avoid questioning by MPs. [More…. at BSD]

Lessons for Computer Illiterate Governments


Would you trust this character with your personal information?

During recent weeks there have been a number of lessons for computer illiterate governments but unfortunately their state of illiteracy probably means that they will be unable to learn from the lessons, even if they have the desire to improve.

The British Government, under Mandelson and Brown, is a prime example of a body that lumbers on leaving a growing trail of disasters in its wake through an inability to learn any lessons from the wreckage. Sadly it is not the only government to suffer from this serious deficiency.

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On a tour of City College, Norwich, Parliamentary Candidate Glenn Tingle met with his former tutor, Tony Lomas to talk about how the recession is hitting adult education. Mr Tingle studied for and gained his diploma in site management at the College in the late 1990s but was disturbed to hear of the struggle it now faces to cope with decreased funding and the competition from other educational establishments for the limited monies available for maintenance and modernisation.


After touring the College’s construction techniques workshops, where he tried his hand at some bricklaying, Glenn said: “It is disturbing to see how hard-pressed the College is with the recession really beginning to bite. The teaching staff are not going to get any cost of living increase this year and their general funding is being cut each year. The windows on the main building are in a poor state and need replacing but there is no money to fund the £13 million replacement project.


“What can be more important than providing a decent education for young adults, to help them prepare for their future careers? I find it astonishing that the Government is prepared to pour £40 million per day into the European Union, money that gets spent on building transport infrastructure in Warsaw and highways in Spain, while at the same time starving British colleges and universities of vital funding. With the country mired in debt for decades to come, we need to rethink our financial priorities and put Britain first.”



Glenn Tingle, the UK Independence Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North has been speaking up for the residents of Fiddlewood, 800 of whom signed a petition against the Ives/Bussey Road development, which involves the building of new flats and houses on a playing field in the middle of their estate. The Council’s Planning Department is now claiming that the petition was never received. Mr Tingle has been helped by the former Chief Accountant to the European Commission, Marta Andreasen, who is now a UKIP MEP, who visited Norwich yesterday (Sunday) to support his campaign. The pair took a second copy of the missing petition to the doors of the City Council building to stage a symbolic second delivery.


Speaking about the development, Mr Tingle said: “Norwich City Council has behaved appallingly and treated the residents with contempt. I have a copy of a letter from the Directorate of Community & Neighbourhoods confirming receipt of the petition and I also have copies of 500 of the 800 signatures submitted in the missing petition. The Fiddlewood residents, who have legitimate concerns about the loss of an open play area for children in their community, have been trampled under foot by Norwich City Council. They are entitled to an explanation and I believe that there should be a local referendum to let the people decide about this development.”


The petition, which strongly objects to the building of homes on a play area for local children, was handed to Norwich City Council, who later wrote to confirm receipt of it. However, the Council’s Planning Department subsequently said that it had no record of ever having received the petition. It later claimed in documents published on the Council’s website that there were only two objections to the development, which consists of 16 new houses and 18 flats. It has since given permission for the development to go ahead.

A Very British (Labour) Failure

Navistar MXT-MVA w RWS lg

The Navistar Husky was designed as a “statement SUV”, for wealthy drivers who want something different to drive around California, that has had some armour bolted on to it to make it an armoured car

In one more example of how not to manage public funds, the British Labour Government has finally dithered its way to a decision on buying a mine resistant vehicle to protect British troops in Afghanistan. Having only taken seven years to stumble to the decision point, the eventual order was for a small and probably inadequate fleet of vehicles that cost twice the amount paid by the US Department of Defence for vehicles to protect US troops. Not only will the US taxpayer be getting twice as many vehicles for their tax dollars as the British taxpayer, but US troops will also be riding in a vehicle that has passed all of the US Army tests for explosion resistance. The British soldier will have to ride in a vehicle rejected by the US Army, allegedly because it suffered a hull breach after the detonation of a small test explosive. Navistar claim that the British will be receiving a vehicle that is not exactly the same as the vehicle rejected by the US Army – presumably that may mean the British vehicles will be supplied with right hand drive.


The Oshkosh vehicle being supplied to US troops has been designed and built by a company with very wide experience of designing military freight and personnel vehicles for Army use and where the armour is part of the original design.

The much cheaper and more effective Oshkosh MATV is a rugged vehicle designed specifically to protect troops from IED explosives. Most importantly, it has a ‘V’ shapped underside that deflects blast outwards away from the troop compartment. The Husky simply has a flat armour plate bolted onto the underside of a civilian SUV which is significantly less effective than a ‘V’ underside.

The conclusion has to be that British soldiers will be receiving little more protection than they already have with the ‘snatch’ LandRovers they currently depend on. The LandRover was designed for use in Northern Ireland where it had to provide protection from pistol and rifle rounds, petrol bombs and stones, while not looking too military.

Thus far, more than half of the British deaths in Afghanistan can be directly laid at the door of Gordon Brown who was recently outed as having consistently refused to adequately equip British troops in war zones when Chancellor and having continued his policies as Prime Minister.

Final conclusion – if you are trying to find staff to run a whelk stall at Southend, dont waste time looking to recruit from Brown’s Government.