British Unemployment to exceed Seven Million


Recent studies have confirmed that the real unemployment figure for Britain has reached six million and is on track to exceed seven million during 2010. Some commentators are now suggesting that the figure could reach nine million before the end of of 2010.

Current figures and projections are unknown territory in Britain and concern is rising that these levels of unemployment are likely to trigger a massive rise in house repossession and personal insolvency, leading to a deep second dip in the recession.

This serious situation has led to Tory Leader Cameron warning that there is a real risk of Britain defaulting on debt unless urgent action is taken to bring the economy, personal and govenment debt under control.

In response the Blair Blair Regime continues with its long summer holiday and masterly inaction – but then Brown believes there is no economic crisis as public spending booms and the gravy train rolls on.


204 and Clueless


The British death toll in Afghanistan has passed the 200 mark and currently stands at 204. If military activity remains at current levels, and troops still do not receive the equipment and reinforcements that they need, the toll will pass the 300 mark by Christmas.

The Minister of Defence remains clueless and the betrayal of British troops continues. In a Government where the Minister of Health cheerfully announces that the National Health Service comes second to his local football club, the nominal Prime Minister in in denial over the economic disaster he has presided over, Ministers are positioning themselves for life beyond the next General Election, and everything the Government touches suffers, the dismal behaviour of the Ministry of Defence is parr for the course.

That still does not justify a failure that is unnecessarily costing British lives.