Guilty As Charged


The Blair Brown Regime was found guilty of yet another serious crime.

The report has just been published following an inquiry by a QC into the mid-air explosion of a Nimrod over Afghanistan.

The inquiry found that the incident was due to cost cutting and lack of leadership by the Regime and the Ministry of Defence.

The least that should happen is resignation of the Minister of Defence and the ten people named and shamed by the inquiry.

True to form, the Regime has declared that no one should resign but that steps will be taken to find an RAF scapegoat to crucify.

The Minister of Defence, a particularly useless member of the Regime and a Barney Rubble look alike made a very poor showing when interviewed on television, claiming that errors were efficiencies which is Blair Brown Regime speak for  putting cost cutting and Party before lives.

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A new and unique training on Social Networks


"A one day programme on how to deal with existing
and upcoming social network tools"


Seminar dates: *25/11/2009 | 25/02/2010 | 19/05/2010*

The European Training Institute, upon request of a growing number of clients, is
proud to propose a new programme on social networks and their potential use for
private entities, public authorities and the civil society.

In partnership with Impact Brussels, a leading company in EU Public affairs and
Communication, the training will be delivered by /Hans Henrik H. Heming,/ CEO of
BrightHQ, one of the rare companies today able to translate the phenomenon of
social networks into business opportunities and tools for influence.

This training is addressed to any person engaged into European Public Affairs
and Communication in Corporate, NGO's, Associations and Institutions.

Where? *ETI premises* | 57 Rue Froissart | B-1040 (Brussels)

Price per participant: *eur 750 *(+21% Belgian VAT)

Show Trial Backfires


 BBC used techniques Goebbels would have been proud of
Blair Brown Communications, formerly British Broadcasting Corporation, planned a show trial on television for Nick Griffin, Leader of the BNP.

The Question Time programme has previously featured a panel of five politicians and political commentators, addressing questions from viewers and the audience on a range of topical subjects. The BBC decided to use this venue to stage an ambush or show trial that said more about the BBC and the Blair Brown Regime than it did about the BNP or its leaders. The programme was entirely devoted to an attack on Nick Griffin and his BNP.
The BBC heavily promoted the show and the audience rose to 8 million.
The Blair Brown Regime decided after gaining power in 1997 that it would ignore the traditional Labour voters in the belief that they had nowhere else to go. Unfortunately, frustrated voters always find some way of expressing their displeasure and in the Labour heartlands have been increasingly turning to the odious BNP which is heir to Labour Minister Sir Oswald Mosley who left the first Labour Government to form the British Fascists Party before World War Two.

The Blair Brown Regime has finally woken up to the possibility that seats which the Conservatives and Lib Dems could never have won could now go to the BNP and are terrified by the prospect that the next election could see the Labour Party fighting with the Lib Dems for forth place in the total percentage of British votes.

During Question Time Nick Griffin was attacked constantly by the other panelists and the audience, which had been carefully picked and featured a very strong immigrant content, apparently including some illegals. The result was that the liberal and fascist elites congratulated themselves on giving the BNP a good public kicking, but the real result was that the BNP gained support.

From early opinion polls is looks like the BNP has increased support to more than 20% from those polled and one factor behind the increasing support is that waivering voters were decided by the demonstration of the BNP as David to the Goliath of the discredited sleaze ridden MPs of the traditional Parties.

It seems that those who previously considered the BNP an odious bunch of opportunists and racists held their opinion, Those who previously supported the BNP continued to believe in the Party. More than 5% of the sample said that they were now going to support the BNP and almost all of these were previously Labour supporters. Even more dangerously, 15% of the sample said that they were not convinced that the BNP were worthy of support but felt that the Labour Party was no longer worthy of support either. As the new BNP supporters were most likely to vote in areas that already had growing BNP support, this could mean that the BNP would gain its first Westminster seats at a General Election.
The publicity for the BNP did not end with the Question Time show. The following day’s newspapers and televsion news were dominated by the story and the BNP exploited this exposure by claiming that they had been unfairly treated and were intending to make a formal complaint to the Broadcasting Regulator about the BBC.

Ironically, had the Question Time programme followed its normal format, with its traditional low viewing numbers, the BNP would have rated hardly a mention anywhere.
Well thanks BBC for promoting another flavour of national socialism  just when Britons were looking forward to dumping the Blair Brown Regime national socialists.
Dan X

Stop ‘chasing rainbows’ says Eastern MEP in Maiden Parliamentary Speech on climate change


Stuart Agnew, the Norfolk farmer and newly elected UK Independence Party MEP for the Eastern Counties, has used his maiden speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (20th October) to call for a drastic change of policy on the issue of man made climate change, which he said is a "myth" and described the vilification of CO2 as "Illogical and dangerous".

In his speech, made during a debate in the Europe Parliament on the forthcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, Mr Agnew demanded that the EU and the British Government: "...stop perpetrating this myth, stop pandering to politically correct science and stop wasting money on the ludicrous concept of man somehow being able to control the climate.  Preparing for possible extreme weather and natural disasters is a far more cost effective use of taxpayers' money than chasing rainbows!"

Local politician takes on 116 mile charity run, for fallen comrades

Glenn Tingle, UKIP's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North
will be making a 116 mile charity run from the War Memorial in Norwich to the
Houses of Parliament at Westminster, beginning on Friday 9th October at
10.00 am at City Hall, Norwich and being completed on Monday 12th October,
when the House of Commons returns after its summer recess. Mr Tingle will
be highlighting the need for the War Memorial to be renovated extensively
and which he regards as a matter of urgency because of its dilapidated state.

Mr Tingle said: "This is not the way to respect our dead who gave up their l
ives defending this country".  He will also be raising money for the "Help for
Heroes" charity, which supports service personnel wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The idea came about when Mr Tingle was running in the recent Norwich North
by-election, when he decided to run to London to take up his seat in Parliament,
if he were elected.   A keen marathon runner, Mr Tingle said: "Although I was
not elected, the seed had been sown and I came up with the idea of doing
the run anyway, to raise money for 'Help for Heroes' and the War Memorial
in Norwich.  As an ex-soldier myself,  I want to do my bit for those who have
made great sacrifices for this country."

The run will take three full days and finish early on the 4th day when he
will hand in a pre-printed sponsor form with EVERY MPs name on it inviting
them to pledge a minimum of £100 each. This would generate around £65k.
Mr Tingle added: "I think that its time our MPs showed their support for our
brave men and women facing danger on a daily basis - and especially for
those injured or killed - after all they, sent them there!"

Earlier this year, Mr Tingle ran the Genèva Marathon to raise money for
Cancer Research.  Anyone interested in sponsoring Glenn's Westminster
charity run, should contact him on 07901-525052 or

Eastern MEP withdraws from UKIP’s Leadership Election and backs Lord Pearson

David Campbell Bannerman MEP (eastern counties), UKIP's Deputy Leader
and Head of Policy, has announced that he is withdrawing from the UKIP
Leadership race with immediate effect, to concentrate on completing a full
set of party policy papers and on writing a radical General Election manifesto
that offers the British people genuine and positive change.
Commenting on his decision, David said: "With the Irish vote and the dangerous
Lisbon Treaty a step nearer, and the General Election right on the horizon,
I believe it is in the best interests of the party, that I should stay focused on
my work as Deputy Leader and Head of Policy, which includes the launching
of our remaining policy papers and on writing the next manifesto - which
is a massive and critical task.  I also want to continue helping with the
strategic direction of the party in preparing for the General Election and
our bright future beyond it.

"Though I will work harmoniously with which ever Leader the members
choose, I will be giving my full support to Lord Pearson of Rannoch as
the next Party Leader. I have a great deal of respect for Malcolm's brave,
principled and well argued promotion of our cause in Westminster.  I believe
he can very effectively highlight inexcusable Tory fudges over Lisbon and the EU.

"I would like to thank the great many members who have asked me to stand,
and my hard working advisers. I hope they will understand that I have always
put the best interests of my country and my party first.  Although this has been
a difficult decision, I do believe it is the right one."

Its The Sun Wot Won It


Lord Gravytrain, AKA twice disgraced Minister Peter Mandelson, is alleged to have throw a hissy fit at the senior management of the Sun newspaper and it parent corporation after the Sun announced that it was moving its support to the Conservatives and David Cameron.

The Sun claimed in 1997 that its support of Phony Blair and New Formula One Labour won the General Election. That was an over confident claim but the significance of the move of support away from the Blair Brown Regime demonstrates that leading elements of the news media now see the Conservatives as the wining party and want to move in behind them.

It has been suggested that former Blair Brown groupie Marr recently put “Bottler” Brown on the spot by asking about his addiction to drugs was an attempt to begin his move to supporting the Conservatives. In the process he struck a very raw nerve which suggests that there may have been some truth in recent persistent allegations circulating about “Bottler’s” dependence on strong prescription drugs. It was interesting to see the outrage from the Blair Brown Regime which is their proven reaction to being caught out. It may not have been a question frequently asked of politicians but in view of the very strong and persistent rumours it was a fair question because mood altering drugs have the potential for shaping decisions in the same way that alcohol addiction can.

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