Tearful Bully

Labour spin doctors have been working to convince voters that Bottler Brown is really a kind sensitive human being. They started off by trying to get him to smile. This was not a great success and has left him forcing a grimace onto his face at the least appropriate times. Then they tried to get him to break down in tears during television interviews. That was more successful, btu then a bully already knows how to cry when his intended victim ends up biffing him hard on the nose.

After all of this effort, along comes the latest book to include examples of his sociopathic tendencies. Suddenly the media start to talk of shock horror that a Prime Minister should be guilty of abusing his staff and being rude to anyone in his way.

COME ON – This really isn’t news. What would be news if this well documented behaviour was dealt with in the way it would if a teacher or a manager or anyone else used verbal, physical, sexual or racist abuse. We all know that anyone else would have been suspended from work for months and then carted off for trial, their careers wrecked and their liberty constrained.

Well this wont happen to Bottler Brown as long as he is Prime Minister – so he will continue to pull female employees out of their chairs, throw mobile phones at anone in range, push anyne in his way to the wall, and allow his attack dogs to savage anyone who voices an honest opinion.


Nigel Farage’s scheduled appearance on Question Time

We have now had confirmation from the UKIP Press Office that after the unfortunate cancellation of Nigel Farage’s scheduled appearance on Question Time last Thursday, he will now be appearing on this week’s edition.

Question Time will be broadcast from Cardiff this week (Thursday 25th February at 10.35pm) and will be repeated at 6pm on Sunday 28th February on BBC Parliament. The programme will be available on BBC iPlayer from Friday onwards.


Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)

Paul Nuttall MEP (UKIP Chairman)

UKIP Interviews

Nigel Farage who stood down as UKIP Leader to contest the Westminster seat held by Squeaker Bercow at the General Election

With the General Election fast approaching, Nigel Farage will be on Question Time this week from Middlesbrough.

Question Time can be seen live on Thursday at 10.35pm on BBC One. It is repeated on BBC Parliament at 6pm on Sunday.

UKIP Chairman Paul Nuttall was on Radio 4’s Any Questions on Friday – if you missed this, you can hear it on ‘Listen Again’ at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qldxz.


Jonathan Arnott (UKIP General Secretary)

Climate Fraudster Recants

Professor Phil Jones has stepped down as director of the CRU and admitted deception

The BSD team began looking at the issues of climate change in an open manner but it soon became obvious that most material published on the subject was propaganda rather than information. Finding and verifying other sources for a balanced view was difficult and it was clear that unpopular views were being suppressed. Then came the Climategate Scandal and we now have an increasing amount of conflicting information being published, with claims by highly respected scientists that their views on the subject have been suppressed or ignored on a widespread basis. Some have also claimed that they have been seriously and deliberately misquoted by the IPCC and other bodies that have been fanatically supporting the Global Warming view. The most amazing twist to the story has just emerged as a leading propagandist, disgraced UEA professor, appears to be trying to recant.
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Images of War – Auschwitz Death Camp – Rare Photographs From Wartime

This is an evocative photographic essay of one of the most terrible examples of inhumanity. The text is perhaps most accurately a collection of extended captions. The Polish town of Oswiecim and its surrounding area once supported a strong Jewish population, almost a third of the total town population. This is a book that should be read and understood because a holocaust could happen anywhere, seeming a logical developing policy to people who would otherwise be regarded as normal civilized individuals.


Aerospace & Defence

Broadly Boats

Broadly Risks

BSD – The Detector



Firetrench Directory

The Scandals Spread

Since the first scandals began to break before the Copenhagen Conference on Climate, there have been waves of new revelations. That in itself is deeply concerning because what is emerging is that there has been a concerted effort by a small number of influential fanatics to hide data they find inconvenient and to deliberately misuse other data. What is making the matter far worse is that scientist after scientist is now coming forward to claim that their reports and data have been deliberately misrepresented and that they had already expressed their deep concerns to those who were rewriting their reports.
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