Pork Barrel Politics and Defence Procurement

AWMarineOneTV2 first flight 2

AW101 delivered for Marine One trials


Boeing KC-767 delivered to Japan

The FIRE Project editorial team has received a number of emails from readers about our coverage in FIRE News and Aerospace & Defence on-line news columns of the USAF aerial tanker procurement and the procurement of a new Marine One fleet of helicopters to transport POTUS (President of the United States). There are two factors that determine this coverage.

Firstly, we receive news from aerospace and defence companies as part of their marketing communications. As corporate communications from well-established companies these news releases and opinion pieces are well-written but naturally present the marketing story the companies wish to promote. It is our policy to publish these releases without editing.

Secondly, our team members are volunteers who have some considerable experience in their day jobs of aerospace and defence. This sometimes limits our ability to post editorial as journalists because we may have knowledge of privileged information that we are not free to publish and which may not be available to journalists. That can mean that we already have strong opinions based on direct experience but cannot use all of the information available to us. The result is that we will delay posting an editorial opinion until either the privileged information is about to enter the public domain, or we find publicly available information that can be used to base an opinion on. In some cases journalists will research this information or make substantiated claims that then result in rebuttals being published that provide a platform for debate.

In the case of these defence procurements we do have some initial opinion and will revisit the topic later in greater detail.

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