Conquest, The Race for Empire Begins


As with previous Kydd tales, this new book includes a technology item and the reader will learn the part ‘camels’ can play in raiding an enemy camp. The storm at sea will also introduce many readers to a type of storm peculiar to the Indian Ocean. There are the important highs and lows as the story unfolds and it seems that Renzi may at last be closing in on marriage and a new career as a novelist.

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Now give us the Referendum we want


Deeply unpopular Whig leader Clegg is one of the few people who want a change to AV and the evidence is that he wants this only because he hopes to change it for yet another system at the earliest opportunity

As Britain votes on a change of electoral system, and the pro-AV professional politicians hope for massive apathy through England, allowing them to win on votes in Scotland and Wales, The EU Referendum point out that an overwhelming number of British electors demand a referendum on the EU, while a seriously underwhelming number of voters want to vote on electoral deform.


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