Lowest rise in Broads tolls for 17 years

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Even high spending quango has to cut back and be more restrained in raising taxes

Tolls on the Broads will increase by 2.85% in the next financial year, the lowest rise for 17 years.


Broads Authority members unanimously agreed the below-inflation rise in recognition of the financial pressure on many boaters. It has been made possible by unanticipated extra income from the growth in the hire boat fleet.


The number of boats registered on the Broads is up by 151 on 2010, with 31 more motor cruisers for hire. The new charges will mean a £12 increase for a large motor boat (48m2) currently paying £425 but only an 80p rise for a canoe paying £28.

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The World Watches the Slow Motion Euro Train Crash


Once, the rickety obsolete structure of the European Union could have been reformed. With the failure of the Euro Zone, Europeans must look carefully at how to survive the Euro and build a relationship between neighbours that can help economic recovery and provide a reliable basis for future relations within Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world. One priority should be the restoration of democracy in Italy and Greece after the German coup.

The World has been watching the slow motion Euro train crash that threatens the global economy.


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