Book Review – Honourable Warriors, Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan



This is a penetrating account of the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan by a British officer. Major Streatfield has been outspoken in his analysis of foreign intervention in Afghanistan, providing a thought-provoking and personal perspective. He has compared the Taliban tactics with the British response and offered a record of daily fire-fights and the daily threat of IEDs.

Nature and Scientific American Human Evolution content


Human evolution has been believed to be omni-directional

BUT, the sub-human species politicianus shows regressive tendencies


The high-precision dating of materials from 40 archaeological sites, from Russia to Spain, reveals that the disappearance of Neanderthals from Europe took place around 40,000 years ago. Rather than a rapid replacement of European Neanderthals by anatomically modern humans, the study, published in Nature this week, supports a more complex picture characterized by a biological and cultural mosaic that lasted for several thousand years.

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