Scottish Nazi Party Plotting to Destroy Scotland


The Scottish Nazi Party has become adept in using 1984 politicospeak. When they say “Independence”, they mean “Dependence”. What they are being very quiet about is the consequence of their main policy in the destruction of Scotland. Of course they share this policy with the Tories and Labour, the LibDems and the Greens. Ukip is now the only British political Party offering Independence and Scottish cohesion.

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it’s their priorities, or yours…


The Three Dummies Priorities – big expenses (for them), big government



Your priorities – Backing Britain


…and we’re off!

Today, David Cameron brought these last lost five years to a close. UKIP supporters will know that despite that rose garden moment, claiming that they were coming “together in the national interest” to clear Britain’s deficit…

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IWM Publishes Churchill’s Cookbook



Churchill was well-known for his hearty appetite and love of food, remarking ‘It is well to remember that the stomach governs the world’.

Churchill’s Cookbook, a newly published collection of his personal cook’s own recipes, will be released in time to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day and gives a fascinating insight into Churchill and the food that helped sustain him during ‘his finest hour’.

Published in Hardback May 2015
ISBN 978-1-904897-73-6

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