Maritime and migration heads pledge action on unsafe mixed migration by sea

Migrant Boat Deaths 03

Briefing: 29 29/06/2015

Mr Sekimizu (left) and Mr. Swing pledged to work together on a number of specific actions, including the establishment of an inter-agency platform for information sharing on unsafe mixed migration by sea and the dissemination of information material on the dangers of such migration, in collaboration with other interested agencies.

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DVD Review – Battles of the Marne & the Aisne



This new DVD of First World War battles matches the very high standard achieved by BHTV in their military history series. It covers the fight back after the initial retreats. At this point the WWI campaign on the Western Front was still a war of movement where cavalry were still deployed on horseback and field artillery raced around the battlefield. It is perhaps the best example of British and French troops being deployed to mutual advantage with excellent communications between the commanders and with the respective strengths of commanders being used symbiotically. This is a stirring story, well told by the BHTV team.

Greek Tragedy – The Final Act?


Greek megaphone negotiation hoped to blackmail EuroZone members and Eurocrats into surrender but has just left Greece with nowhere to go in the short term. The result is that the level of pain for Greece has just been increased.

It now seems inevitable that Greek will default. Part of the problem has been that the Greek Government has adopted the Scottish Nazi Party approach to campaigning – refusing to take any notice of the other parties to negotiation and assuming that if they continue in this way the reality will match the fantasy – the outcome is guaranteed to end in disaster.

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Rep. Meadows Reinstated As Chairman And Other Things You Need To Know This Week

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Minister of National Defence visits Canadian Armed Forces troops, announces additional democracy and institution-building support to Ukraine June 27, 2015


June 27, 2015


YAVORIV, Ukraine – Defence Minister Jason Kenney visited Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel in Ukraine today. The CAF personnel are observing Ukrainian forces receiving training in order to further refine the training package that Canadians will provide to the Ukrainian military starting later this summer.

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Cameron Last Month: Treaty Change “Required” For Renegotiation



Cameron Last Month: Treaty Change “Required” For Renegotiation
by WikiGuido

David Cameron has admitted previously that he needs to secure treaty change before he can come to the British people and advise them to stay in the European Union. Just last month his spokesman said treaty change was a prerequisite for renegotiation:

“He wants treaty change. All the advice that he has had is that treaty change is required, for example in terms of some of the changes that we want to see in welfare.”

How’s that going?

PM wants “irreversible lock” & “legally binding guarantees” in renegotiation with EU. Same as promise of “proper full on treaty change”?

— Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson) June 25, 2015

In the space of a few weeks the PM’s position has gone from requiring treaty change to a vague committment to some possible treaty change at an unspecified time in the future. And this is just the first hurdle…

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Labour Shadow Minister Present at Failed Commons Invasion


Labour Shadow Minister Present at Failed Commons Invasion
by Neo-Guido

Yesterday’s lame attempt to storm the Commons by protestors did not get very far, but has upset MPs no end. After disability campaigners tried to force their way into the chamber during PMQs, Central Lobby was locked down. The Men in Tights are reviewing security, and there is lots of harrumphing about the direct action being beyond the pale.

So, odd then that Labour’s Shadow Disability Minister was front and centre of the action. What exactly was Kate Green doing yesterday, because the cameras clearly show her not trying very hard to stop the invasion. Awkward…

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Huge Electric Bus Fire In York


Clean Green Transport in action

Huge Electric Bus Fire In York
by technoguido

The engine of an electric bus operated by First York has blown up this afternoon, setting fire to the rest of the vehicle and leaving passengers lucky to be alive. The bus was subsidised by the taxpayer through the Department for Transport’s Green Bus Fund.

Not only did brave fire crew have to manage the fire, they had so deal with the 600 volts of electricity that run through the bus. The Green Bus Fund plans to oversee the introduction of 1200 low carbon buses at the cost of £87 million…

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