Corbyn Equates Bin Laden Death “Tragedy” With 9/11


Corbyn Equates Bin Laden Death “Tragedy” With 9/11
by WikiGuido

Peak Corbyn on Iranian state television:

“We can only guess that there is something fishy here. Either Bin Laden wasn’t there, therefore there has to be a story. Or, the pictures … show something else… This was an assassination attempt and is yet another tragedy upon a tragedy, upon a tragedy. The World Trade Center attack was a tragedy, the war in Afghanistan was a tragedy, the war in Iraq was a tragedy.”

“Something fishy”?

Via SunNation
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Net migration hits all time high


Net migration into the UK this year is at an all time high of 330,000. Public concern on immigration is now at record levels, with Britain’s referendum on EU membership on the horizon.

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UKIP will be campaigning nationwide in the coming weeks and months to point out how, locked inside the EU, we are Borderless Britain. That only by leaving the EU can we have a sensible, Australian-style points system to control immigration.

This is the critical issue. We must do all we can to secure a ‘No’ vote and get our country back. An independent, self-governing nation, free to put the British people first.

We need your help to do this. With net immigration running at an all time high, we need the resources to tell the British people what is going on and why we would be far better off outside the European Union. Please help us with a donation today.

The British people have had enough of mass, uncontrolled immigration. With your contribution UKIP can hold the government to account for their appalling record and do everything we can to get the UK out of the EU. The situation has never been as critical as it is today, so please donate whatever you can afford.

Ps. Stay tuned next week for the announcement of the Say No to EU referendum tour and how you can get your tickets.

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UKIP / Tory Row Over EU Campaign Conference Ban


“What do you think this is – a Bloody Democracy?” Chicken Dave, still avoiding debates, Leader, Tories4Corbyn

UKIP / Tory Row Over EU Campaign Conference Ban
by WikiGuido

‘The Know’, a Eurosceptic group which is seeking designation as the official ‘No’ campaign for the EU referendum, claims to have been banned from Tory conference this afternoon:

TheKnow BANNED from Tory Conference. What is Dave afraid of?

— The Know (@TheKnow_EU) August 28, 2015

Are the Tories really refusing to give a platform to Eurosceptic groups at their party conference?

‘The Know’, which claims to be “non-partisan and independent” on its website, has been accused of being a front group for UKIP. A leaked UKIP internal email revealing party support for the group, while UKIP have officially praised them as “good people” with “resources, imagination and vim”. What’s more, ‘The Know’ was launched by UKIP donor Arron Banks, who infamously defected from the Conservatives by writing a million pound cheque to Farage on the final day of last year’s Tory conference. Looks like the Tories are now getting their revenge…

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Burnham’s Peerless Flip-Flopping

Andy-Burnham 1442924c

Burnham’s Peerless Flip-Flopping
by WikiGuido

Guido could easily have made Andy Burnham’s increasingly ridiculous flip flops a daily feature during this leadership contest. Not only does Burnham think it’s great that former Labour MP Dave Watts has been made a peer, he also reckons “the Lords is now a national embarrassment. We should scrap it”.

If you’re going to directly contradict yourself, try not to do it in the space of two tweets…

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Dave’s Carbon Baggage

s300 bags-DP-P1040279

Dave’s Carbon Baggage
by technoguido

.@DefraGovUK Last year supermarkets gave out 8.5bn single-use carrier bags. Let’s #reusebags

— UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) August 28, 2015

The Prime Minister’s Twitter account has been getting all righteous today, tweeting a link to a DEFRA article bemoaning the number of plastic bags we consume. The problem is so terrible that a 5p per bag charge will be levied in England later this year…

What Dave didn’t link to is a report commissioned by the Environment Agency in 2011 that found the production of a reusable cotton bag emits so much CO2 that you would need to reuse one 131 times before it balanced out the tiny CO2 emission of a high-density polyethylene plastic bag used just once. You would think with CO2 emission threatening our very existence, making plastic bag usage mandatory would be top of Dave’s greenest government ever agenda. The cat is out the bag…

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Burnham Blows Dog Whistle Line

Andy-Burnham 1442924c

“I’m H A PP Y” Andy Burnham

Burnham Blows Dog Whistle Line
by WikiGuido

This is Andy Burnham speaking on immigration at the Mirror hustings today:

“It’s disgusting to have a Prime Minister who refers to a swarm of migrants and it confirms there’s no dog whistle that these Bullingdon boys won’t blow.”

The irony of Burnham criticising dog whistles while calling Cameron a ‘Bullingdon boy’ isn’t even the most amusing thing about this line.

Back in 2010, the last time he failed to become Labour leader, Burnham spoke to the Telegraph about how his party was “in denial” on immigration:

“We were in denial. We were behind the issue all the time, and myths were allowed to develop. There’s still an ambivalence among some in Labour about discussing immigration. I’ve been accused of dog-whistle politics for doing so.”

Andy really hates it when politicians get accused of dog whistle politics on immigration. Except when he’s the one doing the accusing…

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Arch-Rebel Diane Warns Blairites Not to Rebel Against Arch-Rebel Corbyn


Arch-Rebel Diane Warns Blairites Not to Rebel Against Arch-Rebel Corbyn
by WikiGuido

Diane Abbott makes an amusing threat to Blairite MPs this lunchtime, warning them to get in line when her man is leader:

“the noisiest members of the parliamentary Labour party will have to calm down, if and when, Jeremy is elected”

Dissent against the dear leader will not be tolerated…

That’s the same Diane Abbott who, just a couple of hours earlier, boasted about how she and Corbyn used to regularly rebel against her own Labour government:

Voting Jeremy 4 leader & unsure about London Mayor? Why not take a look at candidates voting records? @HackneyAbbott

— Diane Abbott (@HackneyAbbott) August 28, 2015

Corbyn himself has rebelled against the Labour whip some 500 times.

Perhaps not the brightest idea to remind everyone of your rebelliousness when you’re calling on your colleagues not to rebel…

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