Save Our Steel

save-our-steelDave is in Lanzarote, Sajid Javid is on an ill-timed jolly Down Under and Jeremy Corbyn wants parliament recalled to debate the dying British steel industry. While cheaper Chinese imports may have forced prices down, British steel prices have risen £30 per tonne since Christmas, with EU prices nearly £50 higher than Chinese in November. The EU’s 37 failed anti-dumping measures are just a sideshow to the real problem facing the industry: excessive EU green taxes and carbon caps.

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Protectionism and socialism can’t help us – ask the North Koreans

douglascarswell-12.jpgNew on Talkcarswell:

North Koreans have reportedly been told to brace for another ‘arduous march’ – or devastating famine – the last of which killed 3.5 million people. Whereas North Korea’s central economic planning and autarky have brought nothing but poverty, open markets and free trade have turned South Korea into one of the world’s most dynamic economies. So why do politicians in the prosperous, free West fetishise the failed economic doctrines of Pyongyang?

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Lobbyist Flame War Via Google Ads

Lobbyist Flame War Via Google Ads

by WikiGuido

Things are getting nasty in the slippery world of PR spinmeisters and lobbyists. The amateur Machiavellis over at Cicero have bought these punchy Google adverts targeted to appear when someone searches the name of one of their rivals:

These screenshots were taken this morning:

Searches for rival PR firms told Googlers to take their business elsewhere:

The message is not exactly subtle:

So Bell Pottinger, Brunswick, Blue Rubicon and Edelman – you gonna take that?

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UKIP’s David Coburn Gets Pranked


UKIP’s David Coburn Gets Pranked by LibLabConScotsNazi Party Trolls

by WikiGuido

Legendary comical ‘Kipper David Coburn tried his hand at live broadcasting app Periscope during the Scottish leaders’ debates last night. Unfortunately Davey was sabotaged by his mischievous audience, who conspired to tell him his sound wasn’t working. Little did he know we could hear everything he was saying…

Via Daily Record
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