The Tea Party case against Clinton, Ayotte ahead in polls, Feingold’s big flip-flop, Grayson’s meltdown, Portman picks up a surprising endorsement, and conservative Congressmen rally to help Huelskamp.

Hillary Clinton

New US Campaign – Hillary4Jailbird – we wish it well. no one should be above the law, much less President of the US. Ed

Tea Party to Hillary Clinton: Good luck courting us.
Writing in The Washington Times, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin makes the case that tea party members – even those tea party supporters who are still unenthused about Trump – have always been and remain resolutely anti-Hillary Clinton. So, while some hopeful Democrats set their sights on the tea party as potential voters who could be wooed, Jenny Beth Martin’s message is simple: Good luck with that.

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Brexit Means a More Global Britain

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Whilst the majority of MPs are off on holiday, leading figures from the UK government have been travelling the globe on a major diplomatic offensive. Dr Liam Fox, Britain’s new International Trade Secretary, has toured the United States seeking out further opportunities for trade. Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Secretary, has been in Paris providing assurances of continued British support for France during this highly troubled time. Speaking in French, Mr Johnson said how he hoped the two countries would “face many challenges ahead together as friends and allies”. The Prime Minister herself has also been touring the continent, speaking to her European counterparts, as part of her diplomatic offensive ahead of Brexit negotiations. Theresa May should bear in mind the abject failure of David Cameron’s European tours and his failure to negotiate meaningful reforms to our relationship with Europe. We hope she will have learnt from her predecessor’s mistakes.

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Freedom in the Air, a Czech Flyer and His Aircrew Dog



This book could have included ‘a man and his dog’ in its title. The subject of this absorbing account of flying in WWII is based on the inseparable bound between man and dog. It is a moving story with humour and sadness. A Great Read that is Highly Recommended.

Tokyo Tech research: Kinetic analysis questions chemistry proposed for the origin of life


Some will claim this as proof of ‘life’ emerging from primordial slime – or maybe returning to it

Tokyo Institute of Technology research: Kinetic analysis questions chemistry proposed for the origin of life

(Tokyo, 28 July 2016) Kinetic and thermodynamic considerations reported by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology suggest that thioesters at the heart of many theories on the origin of life are unlikely primordial contributors. The research is reported in Scientific Reports, 21 July 2016.

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Over 80% of Drivers Don’t Know Road Signs


Highway? No way! UK Drivers Don’t Know Road Signs

· Results of a quiz on show over 80% of drivers don’t know basic national road rules and signs

· Over one third of drivers couldn’t answer half the questions correctly

Young driver insurance brand ingenie is calling for schools to teach the Highway Code, following a social experiment to see if experienced drivers could pass a test on road rules – 20 years after passing their driving theory tests. The experiment shows Tracey, aged 45, and Lester, aged 51, failing a road quiz quite spectacularly. ingenie suggests that road safety knowledge, including hazard perception, could be significantly improved if introduced at an earlier age.

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