The Clinton Foundation’s donors, how to permanently delete emails, Democrats pin their hopes on Bayh, NC Senate race heats up, TPPCF heads to Pennsylvania, and how you can help Congressman Gosar.


The Clinton Foundation Quid Pro Quo
The Associated Press this week released an astonishing report documenting that more than half of the non-government employees Hillary Clinton met with while serving as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. Of the 154 people “from private interests” who met with her, a whopping 85 made donations. And the donations were hefty amounts – at least 40 people donated $100,000 or more, and at least 20 people donated $1 million or more.

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If you get your news from Sky or the BBC, it’s been a hard month for everyone with inflation ‘sky rocketing’ and the markets in ‘disarray’.

The truth is inflation rose by just 0.1%*, the FTSE100 has reached its highest level for over a year, wages are up and unemployment is down!
Leave.EU continues to campaign to ensure “Brexit means Brexit” and we are pleased to announce a sponsorship deal with GoSkippy Insurance to help fund our activities.
In another life, Arron is co-founder of GoSkippy Insurance which specialises in Car, Van, Bike and Home Insurance – One of the fastest growing insurance providers in the UK.
GoSkippy is offering a special “Brexit Independence Policy” that will give you a 10% discount on all GoSkippy insurance products.

South Africa ratifies treaty covering fishing vessel safety


Efforts to increase global fishing vessel safety have received a boost with South Africa becoming the seventh State to ratify the 2012 Cape Town Agreement. The treaty, which implements the Torremolinos Protocol, covers various important safety requirements including radiocommunications, life-saving appliances and arrangements, and emergency procedures, musters and drills. The Agreement will enter into force 12 months after it has been ratified by 22 States which, collectively, have 3600 or more fishing vessels of at least 24 metres in length operating on the high seas.

Mr. Peace Kennedy, Counsellor at the South African High Commission in London, presented the instrument of ratification to IMO Senior Legal Officer Jan De Boer at IMO Headquarters, London (19 August).

It’s Not Over Until Brexit’s Delivered


Since the momentous Brexit vote on June 23rd, British politics has been in a state of flux. Theresa May, our new Prime Minister, has moved into No 10 Downing Street. Nigel Farage has resigned and UKIP seems to be in disarray, with their leadership battle descending into a farce after the exclusion of the favourite, Steven Woolfe. The Labour Party is also in the middle of a leadership challenge which could be ruinous – with Jeremy Corbyn being castigated more than ever. Corbyn is criticised by the vast majority of his MPs for not supporting the EU enough, despite Labour’s main issue being the way they are completely out of touch with their core voters, especially in the North, where they voted overwhelmingly for Brexit! It is even more important in these difficult times for Get Britain Out to continue our work, to ensure the Government’s feet are held to the fire on the issue of Brexit.

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Seaforth Historic Ships, HMS Cavalier, Destroyer 1944



Great Britain has made a very poor job of preserving its historic warships. This is all the more amazing in view of the immense contribution made by the Royal Navy to the growth of Great Britain and the establishment of the first truly global Empire, linked by the sea routes, protected by RN warships. This delightful book provides a beautifully illustrated review of the only WWII RN destroyer to be preserved for future generations to visit. The work is lavishly illustrated, in full colour, through the body of the book and could be considered a photo essay, although it contains a great deal of information also in text. Affordable and enjoyable, strongly recommended.

The Royal Gunroom at Sandringham



This book was published in 1989, in an apparently short print run. At launch it was a high priced book and is likely to command a currently high price if a copy can be found in a specialist book shop, or at auction. With a foreword by HRH Duke of Edinburgh, very high quality photography and production, it should be highly collectable today.This is the sort of book that every gun enthusiast and royal follower wants to own. Well worth the time of searching specialist book dealers.

That Hamilton Woman, Emma and Nelson



Nelson and Emma Hamilton became a great scandal and, after Nelson’s death in battle, Emma was ostracised by society and died in poverty. There have been many attempts by historians to explain the relationship and to place it in perspective as a part of the life of one of Great Britain’s naval heroes. An interesting and sympathetic account succeeds where others have failed, recommended reading.