The Chinese are leaders in image theft – Great Britain is not in the top 10


  • COPYTRACK evaluated 10,000 records for countries with most breach of copyright infringements of digital images in 2016

Berlin, February 23, 2017: China recorded the most copyright infringements of digital images in 2016 with about 11 percent. France and the United States are in second and third places. This is the result of an evaluation of the online portal COPYTRACK. The Berlin-based company analyzed 10,000 cases selected randomly in 2016 from its database to find the ten countries with the most copyright infringements. Britain is not represented among the top ten (num. 29 with 0.75%)


COPYTRACK is specialized to browse the Internet worldwide for unauthorized use of pictures and later to obtain license payments. Photographers, picture and news agencies, publishers as well as e-commerce providers are among its customers. Through a modern high-performance search COPYTRACK scans the entire Internet for duplicates of images of its customers. The hit accuracy is 98 percent. In 2016 COPYTRACK tracked the most frequent copyright infringements in China (11.11%), France (9.53%) and the US (8.21%). The runners up on this point of image theft are Turkey (4.65%), closely followed by Russia (4.57%), the United Arab Emirates (4.55%) and Spain (3.47%). Ukraine (2.85 percent), the Netherlands (2.72%) and Italy (2.68%) make up the bottom of the top ten.

“Most of our customers are very surprised where we find their images used illegally”, says COPYTRACK’s CEO Marcus Schmitt. „Image theft exists everywhere. From private people, to bloggers to magazines and companies – image theft occurs in a lot of places. Obviously there are some countries, where the creative property of others is less respected”, adds Schmitt. For COPYTRACK it is of no matter where an image theft took place. At their customer’s request the company gets active worldwide and demands the subsequent payments in 140 countries. 35 percent of all cases are settled after a simple request for payment by COPYTRACK. The average value of such re-licensing of images is 694 euro. Another 55 percent of all cases are paid after claim enforcement. On average COPYTRACK obtained a total of 1430 euro. The portal bases its fees on the court approved MFM-overview. The goal of Marcus Schmitt is always the economic and fair post-licensing for the user. Often this leads to further business relations between creators and former image thieves. COPYTRACK always stands in for the entire cost risk of its customers, including all legal proceedings. The service is completely free of charge. Only in case of success, COPYTRACK receives a success commission. When Marcus Schmitt and his team are successful, up to 70% of the sum obtained go to the copyright owners.

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£2.5 million for a new international tech research centre in Lebanon






British Ambassador to Lebanon HE Hugo Shorter announces £2.5 million for a new international research centre in Lebanon

British Ambassador to Lebanon HE Hugo Shorter today announced £2.5 million towards a new International Research Centre (IRC) in Lebanon. British Ambassador was speaking live at the ArabNet Beirut conference, attended and patronaged by H.E. President General Michel Aoun.

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Brexit burns Labour at by-elections – Contribute to Westmonster





It’s not called the Britannia for nothing. The name of Stoke City FC’s stadium – changed to that of a betting company this season admittedly – reflects the pride of one of the British Empire’s great industrial centres, a pride still vivid today, in the city itself and the nation it inhabits. With that comes a natural desire for independence from the European Union. Stoke is not alone, further to the north in Copeland, where feelings of neglect by Westminster ring just as loudly, voters rejected the Establishment yesterday, just as they did at the EU referendum in June.

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First Tidal Energy Turbine with Lockheed Martin Technology Deployed Off Scotland Coast

PENTLAND FIRTH, Scotland, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Atlantis Resources Limited has deployed the first AR1500 tidal energy turbine with new Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) technology off the coast of Scotland. The installation is the latest development in the MeyGen project designed to harness the motion of the tides to provide clean, sustainable, predictable power for up to 175,000 homes in Scotland.

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Voices from the Past – Britain’s Wartime Evacuees, The People, Places and Stories of the Evacuations Told Through the Accounts of Those Who Were There


World War 2 was the first war to include the widespread deliberate targeting of civilians, and particularly of children, anywhere in accessible enemy territory. Millions were evacuated from British cities to the greater safety of the countryside and the more remote areas. This large scale movement of people is reviewed in this study, using the voices of those who were there. Highly Recommended.

Bahrain Dismantles Terrorist Cells: 20 Individuals Arrested,Including 4 Women





Manama, 21 February 2017: Following a spate of terrorist activity in the Kingdom that included the Jau Prison attack and jail break on 1 January 2017 in which one policeman was killed and others injured, the shooting of a police officer in Bani Jamra on 14 January, as well as the ambush and murder of First Lt. Hisham Al Hammadi at his private property on the 29th of the same month, Bahrain’s security forces began wide-ranging investigations to find and arrest those responsible for these and other related crimes.

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Air Raids on South-West Essex in the Great War, Looking for Zeppelins at Leyton


The 1914-18 Great War saw the first real use of air power. Balloons 
had been used for escape and for observation in earlier wars, but 
this was the first time that fleets of aircraft had been used for 
attack and defence. Highly Recommended.

A Handful of Heroes, Rorke’s Drift, Facts, Myths and Legends


The Battle of Rorke’s Drift is a Victorian story from the race for Empire. This new book provides a thoroughly researched study that questions the many myths and distortions that have grown up. Strongly Recommended.