Will we ever take back control of our borders?

Yesterday the Government began to release its post-Brexit EU immigration policies. They have now committed to maintaining visa-free travel so EU tourists can travel to the UK with no prior checks and no need for advance visas – presumably pushing for the EU to return the favour. Not sure if this will turn out to be a great idea – we will have to see!





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Red October, The Revolution That Changed The World


The author has studied the recent history of Russia, from attending the Joint Services School for Linguists and the career that followed, that adds valuable knowledge and insights to the subject. The event that brutalized Russia from 1917 was to cause and react with a series of major events of the 20th Century to the detriment of the world – Most Highly Recommended.






Tell Your MP to Rule Out Hammond’s ‘Transition’

Tell Your MP to Rule Out Hammond’s ‘Transition’

As we have expected for some time, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is making a serious push within the Cabinet to water down Brexit. With Prime Minister, Theresa May on a 3-week holiday, Hammond has taken the opportunity to press for a lengthy ‘transition’ period after Brexit, which would mean leaving us in a ‘halfway house’ for several years after March 2019. The problem with ‘transition’ periods, of course, is they can easily become permanent!


Hammond claimed victory last week when Remain newspapers, as well as radio and TV news gleefully announced the Cabinet had agreed to continue EU free movement until 2022. Thankfully, this has turned out not to be true, as patriots like Dr Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, have since insisted there had been no such agreement. We will keep watching how this develops.

Earlier this week, May’s spokesman also confirmed free movement would end when we leave the EU at the end of March 2019. Hammond, for his part, has gone on a jaunt to South America, where he promised Brazil £80 million more aid money – perhaps he should stop throwing money at Brazil and focus on sorting out the country’s finances in preparation for Brexit.

However, we are not out of the woods yet. It remains to be seen what will replace EU free movement in 2019 – the new, fair immigration system we voted for in the EU Referendum; or some kind of Hammond ‘transitional’ system which still allows EU citizens unrestricted access to this country. Unfortunately, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd also appears to favour the latter, saying our new immigration system would have to be implemented ‘gradually’.

This has in part been blamed on the fact Rudd’s long-awaited study into EU immigration will only conclude in September 2018, leaving just 6 months for a new system based on the study’s results to be implemented. But the answer ought to be simple – there should be one rule for all people who want to come and live and work here, based on skills – and no special treatment for EU citizens. Besides, if this study is so crucial, why has Rudd waited until now to start it? It should have been started almost immediately after we voted for Brexit over a year ago now!

This continuous agitation from Hammond and Rudd must be stopped. The true Brexiteers in the Cabinet need your support which is why we are asking you, our supporters, to write to your MPs and MEPs calling on them to say NO to staying in the Single Market or Customs Union, and NO to maintaining any form of free movement after March 2019. Our elected politicians must make sure ministers like Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd have no support for their ‘transition’ ideas. This is an attempt to weaken Brexit and is demeaning us in the negotiation.

Hammond and Rudd – please get back into your Remainer boxes and let the Government deliver a Brexit which truly means Brexit, or consider whether you should resign.

Click here for a draft letter which you can send to your MP or MEPs. To find out who your MP is, and how to contact them click here and enter your postcode. Likewise, you can also click here to find out who your MEPs are in your region, and how to contact them. These politicians work for us, and not the other way round, so they need to hear how strongly you feel about Brexit.

The last few weeks have also seen Remoaners get into a frenzy about ‘chlorinated chicken’. This refers to the prospect of imports of American chicken – which is normally rinsed in a chlorine solution to kill bacteria like salmonella – possibly being imported here as part of a post-Brexit UK-USA free trade deal. Under EU rules from the 1990s, these imports are currently banned. Needless to say, this is a bizarre scare story – Remoaners like Nick Clegg would do well to speak to the European Food Safety Authority, which has admitted American chickens are perfectly safe to eat. A UK-USA free trade deal will be an immense opportunity for this country, and this hysteria over chicken shows how Remoaners are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to stop it. After all, we can all read what’s on food labels and where chickens come from, and decide what to buy from the supermarket for ourselves!

Meanwhile, you’ll all be relieved to know the BBC has, after no investigation at all, found itself not guilty of anti-Brexit bias. The BBC’s Director of News, James Harding, told MPs this week he believed the BBC was ‘impartial’ on Brexit, despite a study in March finding just one-sixth of guests on the flagship Radio 4 Today programme were pro-Brexit. DUP MP and Brexiteer Ian Paisley Jr rightly accused the BBC of a ‘whitewash’. It’s high time the BBC shows respect to the millions of pro-Brexit licence fee payers, and gets serious about their commitment to impartiality.

Project Fear should have been totally discredited by now, but some Remoaners continue to persist. Perhaps they should pay attention to recent news from the CBI (hardly the most pro-Brexit organisation in the world), which states UK factory output has increased over the last 3 months at the fastest rate since 1995. With figures released this week showing the weak Pound has prompted an uptick in exports, British industry is in a strong position. Whatever happened to Brexit killing off manufacturing?

Likewise, the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, again no friend of Brexit, said yesterday the post-Brexit financial services industry could double in size over the next 25 years. This is a welcome antidote to doom-laden Remoaners’ predictions of the City collapsing. The end is nigh for Project Fear – not the British economy.

And now for what else we have been doing recently:

Research by Get Britain Out was highlighted in an exclusive article for The Sunday Express last week. We discovered the EU is planning to spend up to £2.4 billion on free InterRail passes for 18-year-olds. Our Director, Jayne Adye, slammed this “huge hand-out for middle-class young people,” commenting how it “shows how desperate the EU has become to shore up its creaking project.” We also wrote about our findings for Global Britain, blasting the EU for boosting their pipe dream by wasting taxpayers’ money. If Remoaners have their way, it’ll be our taxpayers’ money too! (The great European Parliament Interrail bribe)

Last week, we also released a new resource, available here. How Eurosceptic Is Your MP? lists all current MPs with a record of which side they supported in last year’s EU Referendum, and their votes on key Eurosceptic issues. The resource will be updated as more key votes occur during the Brexit process.

The game-changing 81 MPs’ rebellion against Cameron for an EU Referendum in 2011 was led by David Nuttall, former Conservative MP for Bury North. Now we’ve had and won the Referendum, we exclusively interviewed him for our website about the General Election, Brexit negotiations, and what Brexiteers can do going forward. (Brexiteers Should Keep the Faith, believes former Conservative MP David Nuttall)

Britons have been hit by airport chaos this week, as extra security checks required by new EU rules are causing massive delays and huge queues on arrival in Europe. Now passengers are also being advised to arrive at airports 3 hours before their scheduled departure time on their way home too! The new checks, on passengers entering and leaving the Schengen Area, disproportionately affect Britons – and as Jayne writes on our Get Britain Out website, it could be a case of the EU retaliating against Brexit. It’s time the EU stops these silly games and makes sure there are enough staff on duty to cope with the additional security. They have had plenty of time to plan this rather than at the start of the school summer holidays. (Airport chaos is the EU’s fault)

Scaremongering about leaving the Customs Union is shockingly misleading. It would not only be a straightforward change, it would open up a world of opportunity by allowing us to strike our own trade deals. On Reaction, we debunk the myths. (Why we must leave the Customs Union: debunking the myths)

Britain has pushed past the bullies in Europe before as a truly global trading nation. We will triumph in Brexit negotiations by defying threats, embracing our global connections and believing in the Great British Public, as we write in The Commentator. (Britain has beaten Continental bullies before)

The migrant crisis is undermining the stability of the European Union. Brussels must urgently rethink its current strategy of tackling the crisis, and look to the Australian example, as we write for Comment Central. (Migrant crisis pushes Europe to the brink)

The EU likes to present itself as a caring world power. But the way it uses tariffs and one-sided fishing deals to keep developing economies down is anything but caring. As we argue on CapX, Brexit Britain should focus on free, mutually-beneficial trade with poorer countries. (The EU is making poor countries poorer)

Conservative blogger Robert Barnes also wrote an exclusive article for our Get Britain Out website, slamming those who suggest we should remain in the Single Market after Brexit. Robert points out this would require accepting EU free movement, which would be a betrayal of the Brexit the Great British Public voted for last year. (Britain must stand firm on Brexit and cut immigration)

While Remoaners moan, Brexit Britain receives more and more offers for trade deals. On The Commentator, we give a round-up of some of the most recent offers, from Australia, Japan, and the United States. Time to drop the pessimism, and act with ambition. (Trade deal offers show post-Brexit world is our oyster)

The unpopular ‘tampon tax’, required by EU VAT rules, is one of many nonsensical things we have to do as EU members. As Brexiteers have always argued, the best answer is to leave the EU and take back control of VAT policy. As we argue on CapX, this would let us make common-sense changes to our tax system. (How the Government can give us all a Brexit bonus)

The slimy Tony Blair and other Remoaners are still trying to derail Brexit by advocating a ‘soft Brexit’ – or even no Brexit. A soft Brexit would be dreadful for Britain, leaving us in almost as bad a position as EU membership. On The Commentator, we allege the Remoaners know this, and are trying to prevent the best Brexit simply to say “I told you so”. (Blair and the dangerous, unrepentant Remoaners)

Finally, last Sunday morning, LBC’s Andrew Castle Show saw our Research Executive Alexander Fiuza take on the Daily Mirror’s Associate Editor Kevin Maguire. Alexander took apart London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s Remoaning and Maguire’s economic pessimism, and pointed out the disastrous implications of any potential return to the EU.

That’s it for this e-Bulletin – and please remember to write to your MPs and MEPs.


Best wishes and have a great weekend,

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director, and the Team at Get Britain Out

P.S. If there are still some of your friends and colleagues who would like to see this e-Bulletin, here’s the Sign Up link and forward this onwards.

P.P.S. We really appreciate all your support. If you have any Brexit queries, please e-mail us at info@getbritainout.org, and we will do our best to help. Everything you contribute to our campaign in donations goes towards our work to secure the Best Brexit for Great Britain – every £ counts.



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Congratulations Monsieur Macron

I have had a suspicion for some time that Emmanuel Macron would prove as diverting a foreign leader as President Trump, though with a soupcon more savoir faire. Sure enough, he is now in full De Gaulle mode, nationalising the St Nazaire shipyards ‘in the national interest’ and very much against the spirit of EU ‘solidarity’. Delightfully, he’s preventing them being bought by an Italian firm! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/07/27/macron-seizes-french-shipyards-block-italian-take-over/ 

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