Norwegian top court hears case on conscience rights for medical staff

–  After victory in the lower court, Dr. Jachimowicz’s case now before Supreme Court of Norway
– ADF International supports family doctor’s right to freedom of conscience

Find the full PR here, including a quote from our expert on international law:

Nobody should be forced to choose between following their conscience or pursuing their profession. Dr. Jachimowicz proved to be a reliable, professional practitioner for the many patients under her care. The notion that her employer could not accommodate her deeply held convictions seems absurd, especially since there is a lack of medical doctors in Norway. The previous judgment sent a clear message to the Norwegian authorities that conscience is a fundamental right that goes to the very heart of what it means to be human”

Democrats haven’t always backed legalizing illegal immigrants, a lesson in viewpoint discrimination, and other things you need to know

Have you noticed that Democrats have done a complete 180 on illegal immigration and border security in the past few years? A lot of people don’t remember but back in 2006, Senate Democrat leaders voted to strengthen borders. They had to, in order to ensure a smooth presidential campaign for then-candidate Barack Obama. But that was then, and this is now.

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