Tell the Conference Committee: “Secure the Border and No Amnesty!”

Democrats moaned and complained during the partial shutdown that they could not negotiate with President Trump until the government fully reopened. President Trump called their bluff and agreed to fund the government for three weeks while House and Senate conferees negotiate. But he warned them that if they did not fund his border security package, or they tried to make this about amnesty, after three weeks’ time, he would get the wall funded and built without Congress.

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Transition Point, From Steam to the Singularity


This is a very important book that asks and answers some of the most important questions of the century and should be widely read because it covers subjects that affect everyone, but where vested interests have been keen to avoid debate. The history of the world has seen a handful of events in many thousands of years that change the direction of human life. There will be debate as to exactly when this latest stage of human revolution began and exactly where we are in its cycle, but no one can argue that it is not a significant change in the fortunes of the human race. – Most Highly Recommended


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Want to know what it’s like to get into Mexico?

With all of the debate (or rather political grandstanding) that has been happening about whether or not to build a wall on our southern border, I wondered what it was already like for an American citizen to leave the United States and travel to Mexico and then return the United States. I wanted to know what kind of walls or barriers one must pass through in order to legally cross the border, both by airplane and crossing the southern border.

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The shutdown ends, border security still needed, our 10 Year Anniversary, school choice and other things you need to know this week…

President Trump ended the partial government shutdown by signing a spending bill that will fund the government through February 15. The spending bill, however, does not include funding for the border wall. Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released a statement responding to the announcement:

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