Tax online retail to create ‘level playing field’ for high street

Following a report by MPs urging the need for the government to reform the tax system in order to “level the play field” between online and high street retailers, Andrew Fowkes, Head of Retail Centre of Excellence at SAS UK & Ireland explores the other ways in which retailers can compete without relying on taxing the online giants. Andrew highlights how advanced analytics can help retailers stay competitive, helping them to target the right audience. 


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Cybersecurity Spending will get two $11 billion growth spikes to reach $223.7 billion by 2024, says Rethink

BRISTOL, UK–(Feb 21, 2019) — Cyber security revenues in 2018 were $160.2 billion and will jump an enormous $11.2 billion during 2019, as the focus moves to GDPR adherence and adherence to similar legislation. Growth slows to around $9.8 billion per annum after this but then spikes once again in 2023/4 as AI based Cybersecurity escalates, reaching $223.7 billion.

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Join the Nationwide Tea Party Conference Call Tonight

Join us at 8pm ET tonight for a very special nationwide conference call.


Tonight marks the 10th anniversary of the first conference call that launched the modern-day tea party movement. It seems like just yesterday that I heard Rick Santelli’s rant for the first time. It moved me so much that I went to Twitter to see what other conservatives were saying about it. At the time, there had been a group of conservatives using the hashtag #tcot (Top Conservatives on Twitter) to communicate.

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