Why we must fight socialism

I want to show you what we are up against so that you are fully aware of the battle that lies ahead. Check out these headlines on the first page of “news” after running a quick Google search of the term “socialism” just this morning. These are from local and national newspapers and other sources, showing how insidious the media is when it comes to their push for socialism.


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Stopping socialism one rally at a time, the importance of the Electoral College, and other things you need to know this week

Our “Stop Socialism Choose Freedom” rallies are around the corner! Are you ready? Mark your calendars for Tax Day, April 15th! We’re looking for patriots to help organize or commit to attending a rally in their cities. Help us recruit others to organize or attend rallies as well! We want to see at least 500 rallies across the country on Tax Day, taking a stand against socialism.


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