HMRC to be investigated for aggressive tax collection efforts against freelancers

HMRC’s “Loan Charge” questioned by government, giving hope to struggling freelance workers

ETZ Payments, Nick Woodward, provides commentary on why reliable and regular payments are essential for freelancers

HMRC’s aggressive approach to tax collection has been called into question by Chancellor Sajid Javid, who has called for an investigation into HMRC’s efforts to apply further penalties to thousands of freelancers across the UK.

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Don’t let this opportunity to be involved pass you by!










We are FOUR days until our 10th anniversary Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rally! I want to say THANK YOU directly to you for being a part of this movement in whichever way you have been involved! Whether you organized rallies or local groups, attended events and trainings, donated to help pay for events and training, spoke about our issues to others, or helped out in many other ways, THANK YOU!!

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“A favor for Meadow” – A request from Andrew Pollack

Below is a very special message from Andrew Pollack, the father of Meadow Pollack, a student who was murdered in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Andrew and his family have done incredible work to uncover how Obama-era education policies made it possible for the murderer to do what he did. Andrew’s goal now is to ensure that these deadly policies are changed across America because that is what will help keep our children safe – not more gun control.


In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin

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Leave.EU triumphs in Met Police investigation

We have been informed by the Metropolitan Police that they will be taking no action as a result of the investigation referred by the Electoral Commission into the Leave.EU campaign and Ms Liz Bilney.

They have concluded that the Leave.EU campaign did not break the law during the 2016 referendum.

The disgraceful political collusion between the Electoral Commission, the Damian Collins “Remain biased” DCMS Committee, and a number of leading Remain MPs, demonstrates a serious abuse of public office and we will be demanding a full public investigation into their actions.

We will be writing to the Prime Minster today demanding a public inquiry into the actions of the Electoral Commission.

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