Can I count on you to help save 2,600 jobs in Georgia?

At Tea Party Patriots Action, we have been concerned with the rise of corporate political activism. The growth of so-called ESG investing (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), has brought on a wave of “woke capitalism.” Multi-national corporations like Coca-Cola and Amazon are donating millions to radical groups and pushing leftist social and political agendas.

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As Millions Remain Unemployed, Kamala Harris Reportedly Unhappy Living in 70,000-Square-Foot Mansion

President in Waiting Harris apparently expects a new Palace to be built for her

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Gun control is for idiots

But Nancy is all right because she is surrounded by the Great Wall, West Moscow, and the National Guard to protect her from the people and she will be keeping her bodyguards and guns…………BSDEd.

I was just down at the border and listened to cartel members taunting us and America from across the river. Why? Because they know they can send over as many illegal immigrants as they want. Biden halted all deportations and isn’t enforcing our laws, and they know it.

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