Does your bank think you’re a bigot?

How do you feel about your bank telling you you’re a bigot? Or, the airline you fly on telling you you’re a racist? Or your favorite drink company, the company that makes the medicine you take, and the sports teams you watch, all smearing you, telling you you’re depriving other Americans of their right to vote simply because you think it should be easy to vote but hard to cheat?

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You still with me?

Right now we’re riding the bench while the Democrats play the American people like it’s the Super Bowl.

Their narrow majority in the House and Senate gives them the power to push through any piece of legislation quicker than you can say “Left-of-Lenin-Socialist.”

If you want to live in a socialist “utopia,” you can either move to China, or you can let ineffective politicians like AOC and Chuck Schumer remain in office and let them push their policies so radical that even Karl Marx would have to do a double take.

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are you getting used to this?

With just a few short months in office, Joe Biden and his radical allies have made their best effort to completely transform our nation.

  • They’ve undermined our security and energy independence by canceling the Keystone XL.
  • They’re trying to pack the Supreme Court.
  • They’ve refused to stand up to China.
  • And they’re continuing with wild efforts to dismantle our law enforcement agencies and defund the police.

And that’s only the beginning. 

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