Biden’s List of Lies

Joe Biden cannot stop lying. Look at this:

  1. Biden campaigned on no one would see a tax increase that is making under $400K? This was a lie for political gain.
  2. Biden said he would not ban fracking. This was a lie for political gain. 
  3. Biden said President Roosevelt’s proposal to pack the Supreme Court was a “bonehead idea.” In April, he created a commission to look into packing the court. This was a lie for political gain. 
  4. Biden advertised his infrastructure bill as a targeted plan to help rebuild America, yet less than 6% of this proposal goes to roads and bridges. This was a lie for political gain. 


Our question is this, Friend, at what point will he lie to the people of Wisconsin for political gain?

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Say goodbye to Facebook

Over the last several years, Big Tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley have used the power of their multi-billion dollar companies to…
  • Silence Conservative voices
  • Censor anyone who disagrees with their far-left narrative
  • Cancel Conservative influencers, pundits, and speakers
  • Fuel leftist propaganda and fake news

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‘Project Fear’ Strikes Back

For the past two weeks, with attention focused on the proposed new trade deal with Australia, a level of hysteria has returned to Westminster surrounding the possibility of signing a tariff and quota-free trade deal with Australia, which would open up the UK market to imports of beef and lamb from Australia. Naturally we all want to see the UK farming industry thrive and not face unfair competition, however, many have taken this too far and have set out to try and scare people into abandoning a trade deal with Australia.

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​The news has once again been dominated this week by the brazen hypocrisy of the ​​British left

​The news has once again been dominated this week by the brazen hypocrisy of the ​​British left, who have gleefully tried to make political hay out of the hours-long parliamentary testimony of former Boris Johnson advisor Dominic Cummings – after years of trying to portray him as a dangerous and untrustworthy political extremist.

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