45% of burglary cases in London boroughs were closed without ever identifying a suspect in 2016


With cuts, police budgeting, and the increase in violent crimes in the capital, more and more burglary cases are being left by the wayside.



Locksmithservice.co.uk, has conducted a study analysing data from data.police.uk, to see how many burglaries in London were closed without a suspect being identified in 2016.

The results were staggering:

• 45% of London burglary cases were closed without ever identifying a suspect in 2016
• A further 49% remain ‘under investigation’ a year on.
• Hammersmith and Fulham was the worst borough with 61% of closed cases left unsolved
• The borough of Bromley had the least amount of burglaries left unsolved at 37%

Burglaries are no longer considered a priority after Cressida Dick, London’s Met Police Commissioner, stated that the police will not “go in for meaningless activity” with “no investigative opportunities”. Cases are increasingly closed without ever identifying a suspect.