74% Oppose Executive Amnesty and other things you need to know



This week Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin had an article in Investor’s Business Daily about Obama’s Executive Amnesty, the Obama Administration was hit with transparency lawsuit, and the President chose golfing over the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, killed in action.

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74% Oppose Executive Amnesty, White House Threatens Anyway

The Obama Administration faced another warning sign yesterday in its relentless push for amnesty. A new poll reveals most Americans, including key voters like independents and Hispanics, oppose the President’s plan to fundamentally transform immigration laws …Read More>


Obama’s executive amnesty endgame

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin has a new op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily about the hubris and strategy behind President Obama’s threat to unilaterally grant amnesty through executive action. Unfortunately for most Americans, writes Martin, …Read More>


Second Illegal Immigrant Wave Crashing on Democrats?

Over the last several months, more than 60,000 children and a reported 240,000 adults have entered the United States illegally, causing an unprecedented strain on our border’s resources. As our nation tries to cope with the massive influx, another devastating…Read More>


A Group without a Lobbyist, the American Worker

“This Administration is actively working against the interests of the American worker,” thundered Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. “We have communities throughout America that are barely scraping by. Tens of millions of Americans are on welfare…Read More>


Obama Administration hit with transparency lawsuit

It’s time for the “most transparent administration” in history to once again dust off its law books. On Monday, the government watchdog group Cause of Action filed a lawsuit [1] against 10 cabinet agencies, the Internal Revenue Service and the White…Read More>


Obamacare Killing Enrollees, One Glitch at a Time

The goal of Nevada’s healthcare exchange, established under Obamacare, was to enroll 118,000 residents. However, problems plagued the system, preventing people from signing up and paying for coverage. So far, it has only amassed 38,000 participants with hundreds …Read More>


Obama and a funeral

Last Thursday, the family of Major General Harold Greene laid him to rest[1] in Arlington National Cemetery. Greene, 52, was killed in Kabul[2] on August 5 when an Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of military officials. Greene, who…Read More>

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