A bright moment of hope!

Did you watch the opening of the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night? Or, did you at least see a clip of the opening? President Trump and the First Lady walked out onto the field to a standing ovation with thunderous applause, cheers, and chants of “USA! USA!” The crowd even cheered “4 more years!”



Whether or not you saw it, let me just say, it was such a bright spot in the world of news that can feel so hopeless sometimes! The mainstream media is always pushing their propaganda that President Trump is unpopular and hated, but Monday night’s game showed that the heartland of America – the real America – loves their President.


I personally didn’t get to see this great moment live because I was hosting one of our weekly Trump Defense Team conference calls, this time with guest speaker Senator Ron Johnson. But, my phone pinged nonstop from people commending this incredible display of appreciation for our President and patriotism during the National Anthem.


After watching the clips online, I felt so grateful for people like you who stand with the President, and who fight alongside me for America’s future. I was so proud of the people in our coalition who, while so many Americans were taking time to enjoy one of the few remaining traditions that unite us, were on a call with a band of patriots just like you, with the sole purpose of defending our President from the leftist elites trying to take him down.


Thank you for being a part of this Trump Defense Team in whatever way you are able to contribute. Thank you for loving our country, and thank you for your willingness to fight back against those that seek to destroy everything you hold dear.

With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin