A Christmas Message – Citizens 1, Thought Police 0


A famous victory has been won for those who believe in any of the major religions practiced in the UK. Wyre Borough Council has been humiliated, and the Lancashire Thought Police ( originally a general police service, Lancashire Constabulary ) is forced to re-write its rule book.

Right or wrong, the established major religions, practiced in the United Kingdom and around the world, consider homosexuality wrong and teach against it. That places the millions of faith followers in the UK in a very difficult position because the Blair regime has made the promotion of homosexuality a central plank in its policies, leaving believers with the stark choice of either ignoring part of their beliefs to comply with Thought Police requirements, or standing against the forces of national socialism.

Not an easy choice but, as one German cleric discovered under the German national socialists in the 1930s, a failure to stand up for decency and your beliefs early on can mean that when, eventually, you are forced to make a stand there is no one left to stand with you.

Two unlikely heroes are Joe and Helen Roberts who incurred the wrath of the Thought Police because they objected to the promotion of homosexuality by Wyre Borough Council at local taxpayer expense.

In Britain, someone shot by a gunman may have to wait for a bored solitary policeman to turn up two or three hours after the attack and then advise that the police can do nothing. Unbelievably, the Robert’s letter to their local Council was rapidly followed by the arrival of two Thought Policemen who grilled them in their own home for 80 minutes and threatened them with dire consequences for their ‘homophobia’

The Roberts stood their ground and brought an action against Wyre Borough Council and the Lancashire Thought Police.

The result has been an agreement to pay the Roberts GB£10,000 and offer them a grovelling appology.

The Roberts have said that they will donate the compensation to charity as soon as they receive the cheque. So this will be an extra Christmas present for one or more charities.

This has been a victory for two honest citizens who have stood up for their right to hold opinion and to question discriminatory action by bureaucrats at the public expense. It has also been a victory against national socialism and an encouragement to all citizens that they can stand against the thugs and exploiters.

It is also a victory for Christians who accept the teachings of their faith against homosexuality and resist attempts to convert them to the national Socialist faith.

Three solid achievements by ordinary citizens but of much wider significance. All sects of Christianity share the common belief that homosexuality is wrong, but so does almost every other religion. Muslim Council of Britain chief Sir Iqbal Sacranie is one of many investigated by the Thought Police who prosecute their national socialist policies ruthlessly against anyone they think they can attack.

In the wake of the victory by the Roberts, the Home Office is forced to re-write edicts to the Thought Police and hopes to sneak out a new document on December 28 which it hopes will go unnoticed by the media and the citizens.

It might be too much to hope that the the old police services will be rebuilt to fight criminals and terrorists in place of the national socialist police forces that are primarily tasked with tax collection and enforcement of national socialist prejudice. Then again, the fight back has to start somewhere and the Roberts may have secured the first of a series of triumphs for common sense, decency and reason.

Of course its not all good news because the total cost shared by Wyre Borough Council and the Lancashire Thought Police is expected to reach GB£200,000, of which GB£10,000 compensation for the Roberts, and GB£40,000 to pay the Roberts’ legal fees are just a small part of the total cost that includes defence lawyers fees and staff time. Unfortunately the cost will ultimately be carried by the local taxpayers, including the Roberts, because the guilty national socialists will not be held individually responsible for their actions against the citizens.

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