A Galetieri Moment – Russians to take over US military bases


Blair Brown Regime sidekicks have been enjoying the World financial melt-down because they believe this will help “Bottler” Brown to cling on to power and win the next election. Several gleeful aides have described the situation as Bottler’s Falklands moment.

What they mean is that they think the financial disaster, that was contributed to strongly by Bottler’s ineptitude as Chancellor and then as Prime Minister, will provide an election bounce similar to that enjoyed by Margaret Thatcher after her Falklands Campaign victory. That is a typical misunderstanding of history on the part of Blair Brown Regime propagandists.

Margaret Thatcher had lost popularity in her first term because she had taken tough decisions to clear up the appalling mess left by the Labour Government that she had replaced, a traditional situation faced by each Conservative Government when taking over the wreckage left by a Labour administration. In a rapid response to the invasion of the Falklands Islands by Argentine bandits, she assembled a Task Force and dispatched it to the distant Falklands Islands where it ejected the Argentine criminals. The electorate recognized her courage both in dealing with the mess left by Labour and the situation created by Argentine national socialists, rewarding her with a sizable Parliamentary majority at the next election. In contrast, Bottler has dithered for six years as the economic storm clouds gathered and then taken a year of further dithering after the first serious symptoms of impeding disaster were visible.

Although the propagandists may be wrong about their perceived environment, this could well be Bottler’s Falklands/Galetieri Moment.

He has just declared war on Iceland to project an image of decisive leadership. Like any bully, he saw tiny Iceland as an easy target in a moment equal to General Galtieri’s miscalculation when he ordered the invasion of the Falklands. He decided to employ anti-terror legislation to seize Icelandic assets, overlooking that the only two occasions when Britain has taken on Iceland before, the so-called Cod Wars, Iceland was the victor.

Faced with financial wipeout by Bottler Brown, the Icelanders have naturally looked for allies and financial support. Russia has stepped forward and is understood to have offered Iceland a complete financial bail-out in return for long leases on former US military installations for the use of Russian forces.

Ironic if Russian national socialists ride to the rescue of little Iceland, ejecting Brown’s national socialist bandits.

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