A New Lease of Life for Brexit

After weeks of waiting for a new Leader of the Conservative Party, and years of waiting for a Brexiteer Prime Minister, the wait is over! Boris Johnson is the United Kingdom’s 77th Prime Minister. After years of wanting to become Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has finally succeeded, winning the election by Conservative Party members with over 66% of the vote. Many believe, correctly, this is the most significant victory for Brexit since the result of the EU Referendum on June 23rd 2016. With a Brexiteer as PM, Leave voters across the nation can hope Brexit will be concluded on October 31st, as Boris has promised.


As the Leader of the Vote Leave campaign, working alongside Dominic Cummings (who is now BJ’s Chief of Staff), Boris is the nation’s most prominent Brexiteer. His successful record as Mayor of London is irrefutable. His charisma and dogged determinedness make him the perfect person to lead our negotiations with the EU from now on. Johnson himself credited much of his success as Mayor of London to a competent team who shared his vision.

In a decisive move, the PM dismissed a record 17 Ministers soon after his appointment was confirmed by Her Majesty the Queen. This was a clear signal of intent to build a Cabinet fit for delivering Brexit – and possibly a General Election at some time in the future. A few notable appointments are: Sajid Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Priti Patel as Home Secretary, Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary and Stephen Barclay remaining as Brexit Secretary. You can see a full list of Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet here.

In total the tally sits at 18 Remainers to 15 Brexiteers, but the way these MPs voted in the EU Referendum is not all that matters. Vitally, Boris Johnson has set up a balanced Cabinet, with people placed in jobs which actually suit their skillset, instead of trying to force people into roles just to fill quotas.

We can all be grateful the odious Philip Hammond resigned before he was pushed from his role as Chancellor, and has been banished to the Backbenches at last, where he will, no doubt, be plotting his revenge with the other Remainiacs sacked from Government! Javid has a huge task ahead of him in order to overrule the Remain-dominated Treasury Department. As a former Remainer himself, we must see instant action from him to demonstrate he will not prove to be yet another resident of 11 Downing Street who consistently tries to stop Brexit and peddle ‘Project Fear’.

The Cabinet has clearly been constructed to deliver A Brexit for the British people in whatever form it takes. ‘No Deal’ planning has been given primacy under Michael Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. As a result, the possibility of No Deal is truly on the table with the EU – in public and in private – whether they like it or not. They will not be dealing with a ‘patsy’ like Remainer Theresa May, and we won’t have to tolerate any more of May’s lies, telling the public one thing, while working with the EU behind our backs to cling onto Brussels as closely as possible. Thank goodness May and most of her useless Cabinet are finally gone.

Out of all the Cabinet appointees this week one of the most welcome is Jacob Rees-Mogg, taking the position of Leader of the House of Commons. This means he is directly responsible for tabling Government legislation and confronting the biased Speaker, John Bercow, on matters of Parliamentary procedure – something we can all look forward to. Rees-Mogg already demonstrated his skill at the Despatch Box yesterday when he dealt with jibes from all directions, even having the time to educate an SNP MP on some British history while he did it! You can watch his history lesson to the SNP here.

Having taken office at around 3:30pm on July 24th, Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street to make his first public address as Prime Minister on the steps of No 10. It was a speech filled with his trademark optimism and a real urge to finally put Brexit to bed, delivering on what the British people voted for. You can watch the whole of this speech here. Notable amongst his remarks was: “The doubters, doomsters, the gloomsters they are going to get it wrong again. The people who bet against Britain are going to lose their shirts because we are going to restore trust in our democracy and fulfil the repeated promises of Parliament to the people and come out of the EU on October 31st. No Ifs or Buts.” Finally, some optimism and clarity from the Leadership of this nation.

Yesterday, Boris made his first appearance in the House of Commons as Prime Minister. He wasted no time in reiterating the pledge to Leave the EU on October 31st and opened up both barrels on the Labour Party’s Brexit position – which has now officially shifted to supporting Remain against any Conservative Government negotiated Brexit – clearly betraying all the Labour Leave voters in our country! It cannot be any clearer – Labour are now a Party of Remain, dominated by their London-centric Leadership, hellbent on trying to stop Brexit.

With the arrival of the new PM, Theresa May left on Wednesday after yet another statement outside 10 Downing Street. Her legacy is one marked with failure after failure across everything she tried to do while in office. She couldn’t even hold onto the Conservative Party’s ‘majority’. If only she had had the sense to resign after that disastrous General Election, and if Michael Gove had not stabbed him in the back, perhaps we could have had Prime Minister Boris Johnson in No 10 even sooner and be out of the EU by now! Gove had better not try anything underhand again, or his own political career will be consigned to the dustbin forever and a day! Mrs May wants to continue to serve her constituents from the Backbenches, forever remembered as one of the worst Prime Ministers in this country’s recent history.

Along with the self-interested Remain-extreme ministers who attempted to send political messages by resigning in opposition to Boris Johnson – before he could fire them – last week saw a group of Conservative MPs go against everything they stood on at the 2017 election manifesto, betraying the trust the British people placed in them. Their action was voting against the Government and breaking a 3-line whip by trying to restrict the powers of the next Prime Minister to stop No Deal. This was nothing less than treasonous towards their Party – and to the country. The fact there were some Ministers who took part in this rebellion, but faced no retribution from Theresa May, makes a complete mockery of the principle of Cabinet Collective Responsibility which forms the bedrock of the Government. You can see the full list of Conservative MPs who voted against the Government along with their contact details here

Whilst it is great to see so many Brexiteers in Cabinet now, it is worth reminding the PM, if I may, the EU Referendum was not won only by Vote Leave, but by Get Britain Out, Leave.EU, UKIP, Leave Means Leave and many other campaigns across the country. Get Britain Out has been ensuring supporters know what is going on, and getting them involved too, so MPs know who we are and to hear our united voices shout about how much we want to Leave the EU. Our voice and your voices have been heard outside the walls of the Palace of Westminster. You can see a snapshot of some of our efforts here.

It is our duty to remind MPs it was the Great British Public’s decision to Leave the EU in the EU Referendum on June 23rd 2016 – when David Cameron promised: “This is your decision. The Government will implement it.” Many MPs in the Commons seem to forget this fundamental fact – even though so many represent mainly Leave constituencies. Get Britain Out will continue to fly the flag outside Parliament until those Remainer MPs realise they are betraying their constituents by frustrating Brexit.

There are 97 days until Brexit is delivered and we are free. If this deadline is missed and the Establishment once again tries to crush the people under their boots, there will be dire consequences the next time we are given the chance to place our X at the Ballot Box. Prime Minister Boris Johnson must ensure Brexit is delivered – not only for the nation, but also to safeguard the Conservative Party.

It has been said: ‘Make sure there is lipstick on the pig, and bring home the bacon. There will be no second chances. In Downing Street, the new Prime Minister declared: “Forget the Backstop. The Buck Stops Here!”. Boris Johnson will never be forgiven by the public if he fails to Get Britain Out of the EU by October 31st. The voters will ensure an end to his political career. Succeed – and Boris Johnson – will never be forgotten.


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