A New Name for Europe?


EUSSR, keeping the Red Flag flying

With the signing yesterday of the European Constitution, Federal Europe has become a reality. All meetings of the European Parliament will now conclude with MEPs standing for the European National Anthem. All public buildings will fly the new European Flag. A President will be appointed with executive powers and a Foreign Secretary will speak for all European States. The posts of Chancellor and Defence Minister are expected to be announced during 2008. The President will be supported by a Politbureau.

Debate is now proceding behind closed doors over the name for the new nation of Europe. Many of the ruling elete are firmly set against taking the name of United States of Europe because it has similarity with the hated Amercians. The emerging front-runner is European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

This name will reflect the reality of the new republics that are being created to replace the old nation States. The Socialist Republic of Arc Manche is reported as a great success even though the former British citizens in its western provinces have failed to enthusiastically support it – possibly because most of them are blishfully ignorant that it even exists.

Two special task forces are to be established. One will be responsible for assisting the people of Quebec, Greenland and Norway to vote to join the EUSSR. The second group will be responsible for the liberation of the Eastlands.


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