A Tale of Two Unions

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The last fortnight has provided a fantastic illustration of the two different paths open to European nations. On one side we had the EU, with the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker delivering his ‘State of the Union’ address, in which he attempted to ignore the main challenges facing the EU. Following this was the meeting of the 27 other EU leaders in Bratislava for a summit. Rather than following the script and presenting a unified front, almost immediately the EU’s leadership started disagreeing over the future of the bloc. The summit itself might best be represented by the leader’s river cruise, which as a result of low water levels, saw the large craft going around and around in circles for two hours! A fitting metaphor for the EU.


In contrast the UK has been enjoying a rather good week. Our Prime Minister Theresa May has been speaking at the United Nations, insisting the British people did not back ‘Leave’ because they wanted to “turn inwards or walk away”. She warned world leaders of the obvious lessons they should learn from the EU Referendum: Western voters want “a politics that is more in touch with their concerns”. In a blog for the Commentator Jayne Adye, our Campaign Director, examined the numerous trade stories of the week, ranging from the possible recommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia, to Liam Fox’s speech in Dubai. Jayne concludes that the last week has certainly given us a taste of the hope, strength and optimism of Brexit Britain. (Brexit Britain Gets Going)

Back from the UN, yesterday Theresa May met with Martin Schultz, the President of the European Parliament, to discuss Brexit. Mr Schultz continued his call for the UK to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible, although he did concede Brexit will be a complex process.

Boris Johnson has been talking about Brexit. Speaking in the United States on Thursday, the Foreign Secretary said the UK will begin formal Brexit talks “early next year” and leave the EU by 2019. Boris suggested the discussions could be wrapped up before the two-year deadline and that Britain will be able to control its borders and do a “jumbo free trade deal”. Number 10 has since insisted it will be Theresa May who will be the one setting out the timetable – an entirely understandable position.

A couple of weeks ago we argued on Huffington Post for the creation of a Brexit law. Since the Referendum result on June 23rd, nothing has changed. Our laws are still made by 28 unelected EU Commissioners, our Parliament is still not sovereign and our Supreme Court is still not supreme. Many people feel their votes will simply be ignored. What we need is a symbolic gesture to prove that come what may, we are leaving the EU. This new Act would not change the UK’s position within the EU by itself, as the UK’s withdrawal from the EU can only be done in reality by triggering Article 50. What it would do, however, is to prove once and for all “Brexit means Brexit” – Theresa May’s own favourite soundbite. This is an action which would speak far louder than words. (Time For A Brexit Law To Guarantee The Referendum Result)

Jayne also wrote an article for The Commentator analysing Theresa May’s decision to rule out a points-based immigration system post-Brexit. Before Brexit occurs, we have no control over our borders in relation to EU migrants, as the EU’s freedom of movement principle allows anyone from an EU Member State to come to the UK – no questions asked. This is obviously a complex subject which needs to be debated in a calm and rational way, rather than any system being imposed on us. We at Get Britain Out applaud Theresa May for having the courage to tackle this issue head-on, by taking a tough stance. (Control over our borders after Brexit)

Last Wednesday, in his ‘State of the Union’ address, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker attempted to put forward an upbeat vision of the EU. As usual Mr Juncker stood by his traditional answer for everything being ‘more Europe’. This was particularly clear in the matter of defence, with Juncker calling for EU military headquarters as a prerequisite of a European Army. Jayne responded in an article for Breitbart examining the folly of a European Army, and concluding Brexit gives the UK a unique opportunity to save NATO. (Brexit is an Opportunity For Britain To Take a Leading Role in Reinventing NATO)

This week we wrote a blog for Huffington Post about the changes which should be made to the UK’s education system once Brexit finally occurs. We will be able to control all aspects of our education policy, and collaborate in areas which are mutually beneficial. One of many examples in the piece is ending the absurdity of Scottish tuition fees. This is the ridiculous situation where Scottish and EU students from outside the UK do not have to pay tuition fees in Scotland, whereas all the other students from the UK have to pay tuition fees in Scotland. Therefore, a French student pays no tuition fees in St Andrews, whereas an English student studying in St Andrews does. This is because EU law forbids discrimination on nationality grounds against nationals from other EU Member States, but does not cover discrimination within a Member State. ‘Project Fear’ claimed if we voted to leave the EU, our universities would face financial ruin. We were told academics would flee the UK. We were told UK students would no longer be able to study abroad. False, false, false. (Our Universities And Schools Will Thrive After Brexit)

Additionally Jayne recently appeared in the Daily Express and The Sun in relation to the renowned businessman Sir Martin Sorrell’s U-turn on Brexit. He called for the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible, despite being a leading ‘Remain’ campaigner. Jayne commented: “He [Sir Martin] is another one of the many business leaders who have now woken up to the possibility of global trade, rather than a little EU backdoor, and with many countries already knocking on our door asking for trade deals, we won’t have to worry. Sir Martin, your Get Britain Out T-shirt is in the post.” (Sir Martin Sorrell a top remain boss, joins call to get out of EU as soon as possible and Pro-Remain billionaire Sir Martin Sorrell changes his tune on Brexit and calls on Theresa May to get us out of the EU as soon as possible)

We appreciate your support and your opinions too. If you check out our social media regularly, as well as our website, you will find all the daily news and press coverage. This is the link to our website’s Latest EU News page, and there’s lots of information to continue to inform you, your friends and colleagues about what’s going on with the negotiations and what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so.

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Thank you to everyone for your support.


Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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