BSD – The Detector has been set up as an electronic Speakers Corner with comment on topical issues. One of the Prime Rules for the FIRE Project is free speech and civil liberty. When we discussed the portal and its terms of referrence the FIRE Project team wanted to allow maximum freedom to examine things that politicians prefer to keep well hidden. That’s always dangerous on the Internet because you soon find that commercial organizations try to take over by spamming the portal. Its already a major daily task for the FIRE Project admins to delete all the unwanted attempts to take over our space for adverts that many would find deeply unpleasant. To avoid unnecessarily offending some sensibilities, we decided to shorten the weblog title to an acronym that only had its final character spelled out. We also decided to run the weblog as a moderated system, but that does not mean that we will limit views to a narrow special interest. Where ever the weblog begins politically is only a starting point from the first postings and we hope that a broad range of views will be constructively aired, even if some are very controversial. Democracy only flourishes by the defence of multiplicity of view

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