Action Items for week of April 5th: Sign up to host a house party & more!

From all of us at Tea Party Patriots, to all those who celebrate: We hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

We are proud to live in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed for all Americans. Regardless of what big-government bureaucrats say, our God-given right to celebrate our religious holidays as we see fit is guaranteed. And for that, we are thankful.


While the Senate is in recess this week, use the time to educate your friends, family, and neighbors about the Corrupt Politicians Act – polling has shown us that most Americans don’t know anything about it, but once they learn what’s in it, they oppose it.


There’s also a signup link to host a house party to educate others about the filibuster, and more. Details below.

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Educate Others about the Corrupt Politicians Act (H.R. 1/S. 1)

You can find the following information in our complete “how-to” guide about election integrity.


  1. Letter to the Editor – use our letter to the editor template to educate the people in your community about how bad this bill is. Write your letter and submit it this week to your local paper.


  1. Email to Friends & Network – use our email template to share information about this bill with everyone you can email. Send it this week.


  1. Social Media – if you use social media, use the social media sample posts in our toolkit to post about this bill.


In the wake of “woke” corporations targeting Georgia for passing a constitutional election-integrity law, a new coalition has been launched: The Back to Neutral Coalition.

“We reject the Left’s weaponization of corporate America against traditional beliefs and values. We work to dissuade corporations from engaging in activities that undermine free enterprise, individual liberty, limited government, free speech and the rule of law. Companies must instead return to their primary role—as fiduciaries for their investors. We seek to restore a healthy understanding of, and respect for, liberty, free enterprise and American culture all of which is being corrupted by corporate oligarchs.”

Read the full story.

Sign up to Host a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

House Party on April 15th

It is imperative that the Senate filibuster remains in place. If it is removed, there will be nothing to stop the Democrats from passing radical, sweeping, transformative legislation with the slimmest of majorities – the type of legislation that should have the buy in from most of the country.


In order to educate other Americans about the filibuster and why it’s so important, we are asking you to host or attend a house party on April 15th (or sometime that following weekend), where attendees will watch Jimmy Stewart’s iconic movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and then discuss the movie and current events surrounding the fight over the filibuster.


When you host, you will receive a host packet to help you easily organize and run your party smoothly.


As Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats continue to push blatant lies about a new constitutional Georgia voting law, that simply makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat, even the fact-checkers are calling them out:

“[A]ttempts by prominent Democrats—including the president—to tie SB 202 to the Jim Crow era are incredibly disingenuous. For starters, the bill actually expands voting access for most Georgians, mandating precincts hold at least 17 days of early voting—including two Saturdays, with Sundays optional—leading up to the election…”

Yet, corporations, ignorant to the facts, are caving under the pressure of their outright lies, taking action against the people of Georgia…


This is not right and the people of Georgia deserve better.

Freeroots Campaigns – fast, easy activism!

Freeroots is an online activism portal, created by one of our allies, that allows you to take action in about thirty seconds. It is so, so easy and fast! Visit the following campaigns and share them online!


Ongoing Action Items

Sign up for the Election Integrity working group.


Sign up for the Immigration working group.


The House press gallery is trying to block The Epoch Times from renewing their press pass. Please sign our petition calling on the press gallery to reinstate their press pass!


Go to our website and sign onto the letter opposing earmarks. Then, ask others to do the same on social media or via email.

In liberty,


Jenny Beth