Alex Salmond nominated for fiction writer’s award


Alex Salmond long on rhetoric and short on detail

The SNP have launched their statement on why Scotland should vote for poverty and already the nominations are going in for leading fiction writer awards.



The SNP have produced a weighty document that repeats all the tired old arguments put out over the years by the SNP.

The document may disappoint many because it takes a great many words to say very little. The 600 odd pages can be reduced to “Say YES to Independence and everything will be wonderful. What ever you want you can have at no cost to anyone”.

Opponents say it could be reduced to “Vote YES to independence and enjoy poverty and disaster”

The flies in the ointment are:

Brussels says that an Independent Scotland will have to apply for EU Membership and accept the Euro as its currency. Negotiations are likely to take at least five years.

Westminster say that Scotland will have to create its own currency because it will not be able to use GB Pounds Sterling. Finanial commentators have suggested that Scotland may have to create a New Groat as its currency but could attempt to ghost Sterling as the Irish Republic did before being forced to accept the Euro.

Some commentators have suggested that there was no legal basis of making the Orkneys and Shetlands part of the Danish dowry to the Scottish King and that an Independent Scotland may have to giver up the islands.

Salmond has called for a natural boundary for an independent Scotland. This boundary may be much further north than the current notional boundary.

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