All Change? – NO CHANGE!!!!!


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown followed Tony Blair, promising to be a regular sort of guy, governing by consultation and refusing to employ spin and deception.

Amazing how quick the claims fall apart.

As he was making his promises, his propaganda department was hard at work and have had a much more successful first month than he did.

The reality is that the Blair Brown regime is following the course of the last ten years, saying one thing and doing something very different.

Scottish Prime Minister is preparing for a snap election before the worst of the bad news leaks out.

One of the first tasks was to suggest that the two new Royal Navy super aircraft carriers would be ordered, following on from commitments to fund a huge new nuclear missile submarine programme. If that looks to be at odds with all the other Brown statements, leaks, spin and news, it makes perfect sense for a Scottish Prime Minister who fears that the Scottish Nationalists will target his seat at the next Westminister elections and attempt to decapitate Brown’s national socialists. This is a very real threat after the strong showing by the Scottish Nationalists at the recent Scottish Parliamentary elections that resulted in Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmon being voted in as First Minister in Scotland and the Blair Brown regime being thrashed in the polls.

It may take the British news media a while to see how Brown is mislaeading them but probably not as long as it took them to realize how Blair had duped them.

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