Announcing the Tax Reform Coalition

This week we launched The Tax Reform Coalition ( in conjunction with FreedomWorks and we’re seeking coalition partners to join.

The Tax Reform Coalition was formed because America needs tax reform, now. It’s been more than 30 years since our tax code was reformed and the only way we’re going to get it done now is if people rise up to influence Congress more than the special interests guarding the thousands of loopholes that have been written into the system.

Our tax code is cumbersome, confusing, and costs more than $400 billion per year just for our citizens to comply. The more than 75,000-page monstrosity strangles businesses with red tape and shackles middle-class Americans with more and more of the burden of the reckless spending in Washington.

We need your help.

Are you a business owner, a community leader, a tea party organizer, or someone in a leadership position willing to sign on personally or as your organization or business to the tax reform coalition? If not, do you know someone who might want to join? We want to grow this coalition to the point that it is so big that politicians in Washington will have no choice but to listen to us.


Membership in the coalition is free and the only obligation is that you support the unified framework laid out by the president and congressional leaders.

As a member you’ll have access regular briefings from key players in the tax reform process, as well as other written materials such as sample letters to the editor, sample press releases, talking points, and much more.

Remembers in the early days of the tea party, many people carried signs that read, “T.E.A.” or “Taxed Enough Already.” If you still believe we’re “taxed enough already,” please help us grow this coalition.

If you’re an individual who wants to support tax reform, but you don’t want to sign your name to the coalition, please sign our petition to support President Trump’s tax reform proposal.

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No need to sign again.
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One more thing: Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is gearing up for 2018 and we want to know your thoughts as we make our preparations. Republicans in Washington have failed to keep some of the biggest promises they’ve made to us over the past several years and we won’t continue to put up with it. That’s why we’re looking to launch major initiatives to retire some of the RINOs who are blocking President Trump’s agenda – the agenda we voted for! Please let us know your thoughts!


In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin