Another Helping of Euro Fudge?


As European Union Finance Ministers meet to discuss the Euro melt-down, will it be a major anti-climax of another helping of Euro Fudge


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With the Euro in melt-down and markets anticipating its break up and the first default of a Euro Zone country, it could be expected that the EU Finance Ministers would be implementing Plan B but unfortunately they don’t have one.

The markets are so volatile that the final act may come quickly.

The questions now are:

1. Will the Euro Zone be reformed and the Euro continue as a currency.

2. Will Germany force the departure of Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal to save the rump of the Euro.

3. If the weakest countries are sacrificed, will others then follow.

4. If the Euro dies, will the EU follow it?

5. Will EU dithering trigger a full blown global depression?


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