Are you going to let Colin Kaepernick win?

The US Flag is offensive to enemies of the Unites States & its people, but that is true of any national flag & no reason its suppression… BSD Ed

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the infuriating story about the perpetually outraged Colin Kaepernick and his temper tantrum over Nike’s new shoes. The shoes were fantastic – they sported the Betsy Ross flag and were released in time for Independence Day. But, Kaepernick complained, arguing that because the flag merely existed at the same time as slavery, the flag is now a symbol of white supremacism – which is preposterous! But, like a good leftist corporation, Nike pulled the shoes and told retailers to send them all back.

This desire to tarnish and destroy America’s founding (and America’s future), and the symbols of our founding, is what you and I have fought against all these years. As you know, it’s not just Nike or Colin Kaepernick who hate our country and our flag, and want to erase our history. Once the left succeeds in their mission to smear our founding, then everything that came from it – like the Constitution – can be cast aside and spat on. In fact, I believe this is the true dividing line in our country – those who love and appreciate our country and its founding, and those who hate it.


Think about it. One reason you and I are involved in a movement called “the tea party,” is because we understand the motivation, the philosophy, and the ideals behind the American Revolution. Our forefathers founded this country on principles that would end the evil of slavery, as well as bring equality and freedom to all Americans, and it is those principles for which we fight. I could use your help today, to continue this fight for liberty. Your donation of $25 or $25 will keep the tea party movement strong and sharp, to do battle against those who hate America and our flag.


This whole situation reminded me of a conversation I had a long time ago with an acquaintance. We were talking about the left and the American flag, and he asked me, “Will you still feel the same patriotism toward the flag if leftists use the flag to represent socialism, communism, or whatever evil ideology they promote?” I remember telling him that would never happen because the left hates the flag and all it represents – freedom, our founding, the promise of America. I told him they would rather abandon the American flag and replace it with something else because they would never embrace our flag, and they continue to prove this to be true.


Don’t let the “Colin Kaepernicks” of the world win. Please help me defend our history, our country, our principles, and our flag by donating today. The tea party needs you – we have a responsibility to our Founders, to every American who has sacrificed for this nation, and to future Americans – to take the torch of liberty and keep the flames alive.

Always in liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin