Steve Allison, Agent to Toby Horton, Sedgefield Parliamentary by-election reports on the By-Election to replace Tony Blair, War Criminal-at-large.

Well I’ve just sent Derek Clark MEP and his wife off to canvas in Sedgefield. It was very quiet in Ferryhill and Chilton this afternoon but we realised it was Ladies Final at Wimbledon so maybe that was contributing to the lack of people. In Bromley of course we had the World Cup which dictated some of the canvassing timetable but as someone whose knowledge of sport is “basic” to say the least I’m afraid the implications of a big TV Sporting events are lost on me.

The Candidate, Toby Horton, is pout with Dave, George and Ronnie, three stalwarts from Hartlepool Branch and has been since just before twelve noon. I gave them an outline plan and set them off. The plan being flexible depending on who was about. It was a “show the flag” operation and hopefully it was taken literally as I have a couple of boxes of car flags which I’m giving out to everyone who turns up to help. There was a short shower just after the Candidate and his team lefty so I hope they didn’t get too wet, or worse took cover in a local pub and are still there 4 hours later.

There are 11 confirmed runners and riders in the Sedgefield by-election so its quite a crowded field, The usual Labour, Lib-Dim and Tory entries are joined by Christ is our lord Party, an Independent, Anti Crime Party, Green, Monster Raving Loony, BNP, English democrats and of course our UKIP Candidate, Toby Horton.

All postal voters have received a letter from Toby in the past few days and individually addressed election leaflets will be going through doors next week. In addition to this an A5 size lossy card with Toby’s introduction is being delivered right across the ward. One or two stunts are also being planned which should catch the media attention (we hope!).

The weather has now cleared nicely and we will be door knocking in Sedgefield between now and 8.00pm. Anyone who wants to help would be gratefully received any time. We have leafleting during the day and door to door canvassing in the evenings. If you can’t make it ion person then send your cash instead. £50 will pay for 1,000 leaflets to be delivered on your behalf.

I’ll finish with an apology to my regular readers……its been a while since my last e-mail but I changed my computer recently;y to one running windows Vista and have had nothing but problems. I’ve had to go back to an old e-mail address book and hope that everyone receiving this is still happy to do so. If you are not receiving this then please let me know…….not sure how you do that?

Canvassing 6.00 till 8.00pm every night next week. Contact me at to find out where we are meeting up.

BSD Newsdesk from UK Independence Party document

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